Friday, 22 January 2016

Salicylic acid

I just used the Rainforest brilliant shine conditioner in a mix with VO5 and it was pretty good. Of course it was only a mix, but it still seemed good. I looked the ingredients up and Bodyshop have them listed on their website: Points for that!
COSDNA's analysis of it is pretty  good.

But I was extremely confused over the product containing salicylic acid!

I know why salicylic acid is used in skincare products: It makes cells in the upper layer of the skin shed faster, and helps clogged pores return to normal. So it's an exfoliator that also works in the pores.
But is that an effect you want on your hair?

My first thought was uh. No, not really.

A little more research revealed that salicylic acid is used in shampoos to treat dandruff for the same reasons. And that yes, you might actually want this in your hair product.

Since I dont use shampoos, maybe this is why I haven't realized this before.

Since I tend to get a bit of dandruff around autumn because of the change in humidity and temperature, maybe I should actually use this particular conditioner to CO?

I haven't seen any conditioner (Well, any product actually) containing salicylic acid before, so it's worth a shot.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Not exactly one of the styles I find in my rotation a lot, but for some reason I felt like it.

I added a bit of "French" to the middle braid to eat up some of the length, but it still poked out a lot.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Swap, part III

Charlaine received her package!
The waiting and hoping that your friend receives the parcel is the worst part of swapping, so it was a huge relief it arrived in one piece.

Pictures borrowed with permission from Charlaine's facebook.

Bottom right is the little extra I added (And debated endlessly if I should add it or not!): A golden Evita Peroni "Fakkare"

She looks happy, so it makes me very happy.

(Note to self: Teach Hubby to be creative with taking pictures too. He could learn a thing or two from Charlaine's hubby!)

Charlaine says the clip only works in a rather messy bun, but I'm still happy it does work for her. Those Ficcare-shaped clips can be really tricky to get to work, which is why I debated for so long whether I should add it or not.