Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nightblooming haul

Edited because Blogger ate most of the post?

Rusalki Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner 
Eilistraee Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner 
Genasi Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner 
Devas Fairy Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner

These should be good for boosting my red tones!
I did however ask Nightblooming if I could add extra conditioner afterwards (Both to get enough treatment volume to cover my hair and to make sure I got a weak enough watercolour effect and not actually a dye). Nightblooming says I can add my chosen conditioner to the mix after I have finished mixing the treatment according to instructions, yay!

Sunlit Meadow Herbal Rinse for Light Hair
Forest Glade Herbal Rinse for Dark Hair
Miruvor Long Hair Herbal Tea

I'm really looking forward to trying a good final dip/rinse! They can work wonders for adjusting acidity and adding shine.

This cassia smells so yummy! It has a completely different smell from any other cassia I've ever tried: More like peas than that sort of "dusty" smell I've had so far.

Ostara's Hair Salve
Freya's Hair Salve
Panacea's Hair Salve
And at the bottom Thriae Scalp Scrub
I could not manage to open the scalp scrub for the photos, lol!
Neither Hubby or I could get it open, but luckily Nightblooming is awesome at answering questions and said "Sounds like some of the sugar and honey gummed it up a bit. you could try running warm water over where the lid meets the container or give it a soak in warm water (the labels are waterproof, but I'm not sure how well they take to soaking)".
It's now open and it smells heavenly!

Ostara's Hair Salve This one has a sort of herbal smell. I guess it's the horsetail and thyme?
Freya's Hair Salve Lavender yum!
Panacea's Hair Salve I can't really place the smell. I guess it's the Rooibos infusion that is unfamiliar to me?

I'm really picky with my teas, so I only got the sample size of the Miruvor long hair tea.
But I will definitely get more: This thing is great!
It has a herbal flavour with some sweetness to it. Really good, just the kind I like.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Life and such

Autumn is becoming winter up here in the north, so now my scalp and skin is upset over the changing temperature and humidity.

Winter season also means a lot of (bullshit) social obligations. I don't know why winter/Christmas approaching means that every single person you barely saw the rest of the year suddenly wants to see you.
This little introvert does not approve.

One cool thing I've found though: The Royal bun actually goes well for both work and parties.

I simply add some leave in conditioner to the loose strands to give them more structure and make them look deliberate, and some false lashes and I'm fairly good to go.
Saves me lots of time!

Just to demonstrate: False eyelashes on my left side (Viewers right) 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

You know you're a vaguely creepy endearing weirdo when...

..When you recognize a fellow longhair's favorite conditioner and just have to get it.

Thank you for introducing me to this one, Charlaine. This really is good stuff!

Sincerely, Buckethead

PS: Still loving my heat cap!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hair book disappointment

Strangely, I didn't get sick at all from the influenza vaccination.
I'm strangely disappointed actually: I had prepared and stocked up and gotten books from the library amd everything.

I had hoped this book on braids and updos could at least inspire me a bit, but it just disappointed me. I had a funny "WTF" moment though, where I recognized so many of the pictures. It turned out it's written by the bloggers at Hairromance.

But it felt a lot like "Backcomb and it's a totally different hairdo!" or "Add a detail and it's a totally different hairdo!" and had a strange focus on adding fake hair to any style.

This is more the things I had expected: "Do this to create an unique new style", and it didn't teach me anything new. Meh.

Maybe Nightblooming would be interested in writing another book and creating a healthy hair-trilogy?
*Hint hint* *Nudge nudge*

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Today's hair

I had my influenza-vaccination yesterday, so I fully expect to get mildly sick or sluggish at least the next few days. So I took some time off.
Time to wear a lazy braid and do nothing around the house for a few days.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Today's hair

Going to turn this into a Royal bun tomorrow. I really like that one, the name too!

(*Giggle* I just realized I'm wearing the same pyjamas pants as in the tutorial)

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Life in general

So... Life, the universe and everything.
I've settled in nicely at my new work already. Already put way too many things on my plate, which is just typically me. Good thing is, I really like my work. I like the work itself, the coworkers and the organisation and how it's administrated. 
But still I spend pretty accurately 12 hours a day at work and on transportation. And I have a tendency to go in on weekends too. 
No regrets though.

I take the metro some of the way. I have this mildly weird love for it: It goes through some strangely scenic parts of Copenhagen. The old and historic parts and some of the brand new ones.
I like the view.

Bad news is that the Korean lessons sucked. The teacher has severely failed to impress or even interest me. It literally feels like they grabbed some random person from the street who speaks Korean.
You need to have some plans and purposes and a schedule for what you teach and when. I can't see hers, and I dislike it. 
I think I might quit on it.

One of the help-staff in Copenhagen airport had really long hair!
I think I've been neglecting mine lately. Hmm. Other than the updos, I haven't really "done" anything for a while. Maybe it needs a deep conditioning soon?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Today's hair

So, I had an idea to make two Dutch braids and turn them into a 7-stranded braid at my neck, using the bottom part (Ears and down) as the seventh strand.
Good idea in theory, but my hands got all confused at keeping track of 7 strands!

It looked really nice once I pinned it up in a bun though!
This could use more practice, because it has potential.

Friday, 21 October 2016


Ugh. My hair has been doing that annoying "mildly upset"-thing for some weeks now. 
I think I may have overdone the benign neglect thing: I've been feeding it plenty of leave in conditioner to protect it from the windy, cold and wet autumn, given it oil at the ends something and been doing overnight deep conditionings for days off.
Yea, its been too much for my coarse hair.
It's been ages since last I created build up, but there we go.
I used the Lioele L'Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo that I got in a Memebox Rapunzel box back in 2014 (!). I gave the shampoo to hubby back then, but he has so much shampoo that I've received unwanted, so he haven't managed to work through the pile yet.
It was pretty good actually. Felt pretty gentle and smelled like herbs.
Of course my hair was pretty cranky to be shampooed, but it has calmed down by the next day, and then the "mildly upset" issue was gone.
When did I last have to shampoo my hair?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Today's hair

I was so pleased with the double, vertical nautilus buns the other day, that I did them again.

Me messing around with the strong autumn light in the train.

Good thing the train was almost empty, haha!

Trying to catch the mirrored mirror image of my buns. Not actually so easy on a moving train!