Saturday, 29 October 2016

Today's hair

Going to turn this into a Royal bun tomorrow. I really like that one, the name too!

(*Giggle* I just realized I'm wearing the same pyjamas pants as in the tutorial)

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Life in general

So... Life, the universe and everything.
I've settled in nicely at my new work already. Already put way too many things on my plate, which is just typically me. Good thing is, I really like my work. I like the work itself, the coworkers and the organisation and how it's administrated. 
But still I spend pretty accurately 12 hours a day at work and on transportation. And I have a tendency to go in on weekends too. 
No regrets though.

I take the metro some of the way. I have this mildly weird love for it: It goes through some strangely scenic parts of Copenhagen. The old and historic parts and some of the brand new ones.
I like the view.

Bad news is that the Korean lessons sucked. The teacher has severely failed to impress or even interest me. It literally feels like they grabbed some random person from the street who speaks Korean.
You need to have some plans and purposes and a schedule for what you teach and when. I can't see hers, and I dislike it. 
I think I might quit on it.

One of the help-staff in Copenhagen airport had really long hair!
I think I've been neglecting mine lately. Hmm. Other than the updos, I haven't really "done" anything for a while. Maybe it needs a deep conditioning soon?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Today's hair

So, I had an idea to make two Dutch braids and turn them into a 7-stranded braid at my neck, using the bottom part (Ears and down) as the seventh strand.
Good idea in theory, but my hands got all confused at keeping track of 7 strands!

It looked really nice once I pinned it up in a bun though!
This could use more practice, because it has potential.