Friday, 18 May 2018

Today's hair

The weather is great and I have a day off, so I felt like doing something a little more playful with my hair

Hubby and I spent the day in the park, having lunch out and just generally doing nothing out in the sun. Wonderful day!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


...Or something. 
I really like bringing things like conditioners home from our travels. Not only is it fun to try something I can't find at home, it also brings back memories when I use them.

Looking forward to trying this Garnier masque some time.

I also found a volcanic mud mask. I've tried lots of those from Korea, and I always thought "M-hm, yea, sure" at their claims on containing real volcanic ash. But having been on Tenerife and seen how you could literally just scoop some volcano off the ground in certain areas, yea, I understand it now!

Monday, 14 May 2018

More Etsy purchases

Poking around at Etsy yesterday made my credit card itch, so now I have some more tools on my way...

Bone hair stick from WoodArtJewelry. I have one of their sticks already and absolutely love it!
I love how the beauty of their sticks is in the materials and the organic, flowing shapes.

From AKCWoodworking I got a whole list...

Hair Stick - Scissors in Maple Wood

Hair Stick - Wizard's Staff Hair Toy in Bloodwood Extended 6 inch Length
This one is seriously pretty with the wood and carvings! I will wear this next time we play board games of the RPG type...

Hair Stick - Starfleet Science Insignia in Ebonized Oak
Looks like I got the last one in ebonized oak. They have some in other woods, but this one should look really good with my red tones.

Hair Stick - Starfleet Command Insignia in Maple
I will wear this one next time I have to boss people around... Heheh.

Hair Stick - Pirate Cutlass with Curved 6 inch Blade in Mahogany Wood

Hair Stick - Fantasy Sword 6 in Maple Wood Extended 6" Length

Hair Stick - Sai in Cherry Wood
I'm a little curious how the sticking-down-parts will work with an updo...

Hair Stick - Fantasy Axe 1 Hair Toy in Solid Ebonized Oak wood
Looks like I got the last one of this one too. Lucky!

Hair Stick - Celtic Knot Hair Toy in Walnut wood

And last, the only fork in the pile...

Mjilnor Hair Fork in Maple Wood

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Ordered some new Quattro's

Still pissed off at Tenerife's border guards. Hmpf.

I have now ordered some new Quattro's...

Hair Forks by Quattro 'FlexFork' Combo Set

Hair Fork by Quattro - StarLites Charcoal Matte
This matte fork sounds really cool! I think this might actually look really good in hair... Leaving the shine to the hair instead of the tool?

Hair Forks by Quattro 'StarLites' Combo Set
I think the small one in this set is my favorite Quattro?

Hair Pins by Quattro 'Bronze' U Pins
I've been doing a lot of smaller buns lately (Like, two buns instead of one) so this might be really helpful for me.

Hair Pins by Quattro 'StarLites' U Pins

Hair Pins by Quattro Amish Style U Pins
I have a set of these already, but they're a little long for me when I do two buns instead of one, so I ordered a shorter set.