Monday, 14 May 2018

More Etsy purchases

Poking around at Etsy yesterday made my credit card itch, so now I have some more tools on my way...

Bone hair stick from WoodArtJewelry. I have one of their sticks already and absolutely love it!
I love how the beauty of their sticks is in the materials and the organic, flowing shapes.

From AKCWoodworking I got a whole list...

Hair Stick - Scissors in Maple Wood

Hair Stick - Wizard's Staff Hair Toy in Bloodwood Extended 6 inch Length
This one is seriously pretty with the wood and carvings! I will wear this next time we play board games of the RPG type...

Hair Stick - Starfleet Science Insignia in Ebonized Oak
Looks like I got the last one in ebonized oak. They have some in other woods, but this one should look really good with my red tones.

Hair Stick - Starfleet Command Insignia in Maple
I will wear this one next time I have to boss people around... Heheh.

Hair Stick - Pirate Cutlass with Curved 6 inch Blade in Mahogany Wood

Hair Stick - Fantasy Sword 6 in Maple Wood Extended 6" Length

Hair Stick - Sai in Cherry Wood
I'm a little curious how the sticking-down-parts will work with an updo...

Hair Stick - Fantasy Axe 1 Hair Toy in Solid Ebonized Oak wood
Looks like I got the last one of this one too. Lucky!

Hair Stick - Celtic Knot Hair Toy in Walnut wood

And last, the only fork in the pile...

Mjilnor Hair Fork in Maple Wood

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