Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Still alive.

Heh, it warms my mean old cold heart that I’m missed so much!
Seriously people, I feel loved.

Things are pretty hectic at the moment. To say the least.
Those of you who read my sporadic UTT blog might remember I was offered a job some time ago, and how much trouble I had finding a place to live near it.
Well, I was hired for 37 hours a week but I have been doing a bunch of overtime. So far my record is 68 hours in one week. Pretty sure at some point I will manage to do twice the hours I was hired for…
On top of that I’m trying to lead a project for my uni. Needless to say, it isn’t going too well and I spend more time worrying about it than getting work done on it. Meh.
Oh, and I have an exam in two weeks’ time. Mostly a formality, but still…
Yea, my latest hobby is sleep.

Nah, that’s not entirely true: My latest hobby is visiting Hubby. Haha.
It sucks being stuck in another country and it sucks I only get to see him every other weekend. (At most. Last weekend off I was offered two evening shifts at emergency call-rate and I took it)
The good thing is, it’s good for our finances and good for Hubby making progress on his degree.
Still, I am counting (Backwards) to the day where I know for sure this whole thing will be over and I’m back with Hubby full time again.

It should be really good for my hair though.
I’ve been practicing benign neglect with my hair: CO wash when necessary, some Ankylosaurus when I can be bothered, a bit of oil here and there. Otherwise it goes up in a quick braided Nautilus bun and is ignored.
Work keeps me on my feet a lot, I bike to the office (5 minutes each way, but hey it all counts right?) and the place I live in have a rudimentary gym downstairs so I’m getting a lot more exercise than usually. But then again, I do have some serious basement dwelling nerd-tendencies so it doesn’t take a lot.

I try my best to get the best out of the situation as it is. I take advantage of the massage chair at work, I try to eat healthy, try to remember taking my vitamins and hope the exercise will be good for my hair growth.
Oh, and some of the money I make will definitely be spent on some shiny new hair tools.

Yea, not exactly enjoying things as they are, but I try to make the best possible out of it.