Saturday, 17 December 2011

First real video

I love my friends :) (And I complain too much?)

Biologist friend is in America to celebrate Christmas with her family. She just emailed me asking if I wanted her to bring some hair products home for me. Uhm, let me think; Yes. Yes please.

I’m deducting three things from this:
1)      My friends are awesome
2)      My friends know me too well
3)      I complain too much about the lack of selection in hair products here

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shock, awe and a recommendation

I’ve been hunting for argan oil for some weeks now. The magical oil that seems to be the biggest hype among my fellow longhairs at the moment.

The main problem has been the price. Even mixed products with just a small amount of argan oil is ridiculously expensive. Well, of course “ridiculously expensive” is very subjective, but being a long haired weirdo has made me really aware of prices. Why would I use a 200 kroner conditioner when a 20 kroner one is just as perfectly good at making my hair glossy and soft?

The argan oil prices make me cringe.

I’ve been searching the net for a few weeks both on Swedish and international sites and came to the conclusion than 50 ml goes for around 200 kroner. That’s 244 Swedish kronor, 35 USD and 27 Euro.

Today I looked at a Danish online health shop called Duft og Natur that I have ordered from a lot in the past. I really like that shop. They have good prices and have been effective and friendly to me. Of course now that I live in Sweden, I have a problem with shipping from them since they don’t ship outside of Denmark. Pout.

I poked around a bit and had one of those moment where you feel you should have a sound effect in the background with screeching tired and glass shattering.

They have an organic argan oil for 99,75 kroner. For 100 ml!!

I could barely believe my eyes. That’s a quarter the price of the other products I have considered ordering! I ended up calling the place and asked if it really was a pure product and got confirmed that yes, that is in fact a pure argan oil… 100 ml for 99,75 kroner!
That’s 121 Swedish kronor, 17,5 USD and 13,4 Euro.

Is it just me or is that really, really cheap?

I ordered 3 bottles.

Yep, 3.


I’m now anxiously awaiting the package to arrive at my parents’ home in Denmark so they can send it to me
So consider this a hot recommendation to everyone reading this; All Danes and everyone who knows a Dane who could send it to them! At this price, even with shipping it would be cheaper than the vast majority of options out there.


When I took the Nautilus bun out yesterday the rope braid was still looking pretty good. Guess I finally got the hang of that one.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Today’s hair

Rope braided Nautilus bun.
I’m really not on friendly terms with the ropebraid. I feel I can never get it “packed” as tightly and firmly as I want my braids to be and it doesn’t have the same stabilising feel as a regular braid put up has.
I think the end result looks fairly nice although I’ll admit I shamelessly took the picture from the best angle and side!
Now I just need to keep myself from messing around with it.
Do… Not…Touch…The…Updo!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I went to bed last night with super greasy hair. Decided I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.
I woke up to something really upsetting. Those who are members at UTT can read about it here.

After things had been “solved” I headed for the shower to clean the grease ball. It felt like such a huge task to clean the disgusting mess with conditioner only!
So for the first time this year, I reached for a bottle of shampoo.
I went with Franck Provost because it looked cone free. I’ll admit I’m not an ingredient expert, but what I could see it didn’t contain any.
I figured using a cone free shampoo followed with a heavy deep treatment would work well.
My hair felt awful after the shampoo! Dry, cranky and tangly.
It made me realise why they put cones in shampoo and wonder how I could shampoo my hair 2-3 times a week and think it felt good!
Then I mixed up a treatment using some leftovers: Garnier Respons with avocado oil and shea butter (Far right) and Elvital volume collagen
And filling up with a bit of Franck Provost expert repair conditioner. Left it in a Sexysmurf for about two hours.

My hair felt really good afterwards, but I’ll have to keep an eye on my scalp to see how it reacts!

Monday, 12 December 2011

The comb search goes on

It’s been a week since I emailed Creative combs about their failure of a website and inability to ship an order. They haven’t responded at all, so I’m going to order combs from the place that Forgetful recommended: Hairsense.

Even though my intension was to order combs, I find myself tempted by

A massage brush. Would this be useful for washing maybe?

And the natural bristle brushes. I never owned a real quality brush and the natural bristle brushes always seem to be highly praised.

I like the looks of this handle rake, but it's really big. Almost the size of my Ric the Combmaker comb that feels huge, almost unmanageable.

This one is slightly smaller and looks more handy.

And this super detangle rake is even larger than the Ric-comb! It looks like it could be a useful one for shower-purposes and distributing conditioners.

This handle rake and this detangler would be useful as a comb for putting my hair up.

This one would maybe work well to be used in the shower for distributing conditioner. Or would it be too wide-toothed to work at all? Does anyone have experience with the super wide-toothed combs? I think I’ll put a thread up on UTT asking for experiences…

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Well, that didn’t go as planned…

My scalp continues to be flaky and irritating. I must admit I don’t entirely understand it: It’s been so rainy and wet outside for weeks that even with the heat cranked up inside, the moisture should still seep in, right? My scalp shouldn’t be suffering from a dry climate, should it? It’s not that cold outside either, yet.
I don’t get it.

Anyways. I thought I was clever last night: Instead of CO washing to get the damned flakes off; I decided to do a scritching. That seems to be the most commonly used term for manipulating the dry scalp to loosen up scalp gunk. So using my fingertips, comb, brush, fingernails and this “octopus” massage thingie I cleaned my scalp of the flakes before brushing them out of the length.
I felt really clever.

Today my scalp is intensely greasy. Yep. Figures: The long manipulation yesterday really stimulated it to release sebum. So now I can either make peace with being a total greaseball, or I can do the wash I was hoping to avoid.

Touché, scalp.