My hairtype

According to Fia's hairtyping system I'm a 1BCiii:
  • Hair is very straight, but not stick straight
  • Typical coarsie with lots of "crunchy" sounds, a mild dislike for too much protein and a love for cones
  • Approximately 12 cm circumference

A handful of hair

My scalp is slightly dry:
  • Not enough to feel dry after cleansing with conditioner
  • Takes about a week of no washing to turn noticeably greasy
  • A tendency for some flakeis when the season changes

Autumn flakeis

My skin is super sensitive and even though I manage my scalp very well with CO and WO washes, I've experienced sensitivity-issues with my scalp as well:

Red, irritated spots along my hairline. Itchy!

I have absolutely no natural parting or cowlicks anywhere. My hair falls directly down in front of my face, so I need to put it up to see.