Friday, 28 June 2019

Mildly interesting

The little Bed & Breakfast I'm staying at for work has a few "leftovers" from previous visitors. One of the things is a Garnier Fructis shampoo bottle from Russia. I only know for sure because the only thing I can recognize (Other than "Garnier" and "Fructis") is that it directs to in the middle of the cyrillic script.
There is something kind of cool about finding a Russian shampoo bottle in south-west Denmark like this.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

A challenge to myself

I have turned my project in. Three days early actually. At this point I was getting no more work out of it, just messing around with pointless, minor details and driving myself crazy over it.
(Today's Danish lesson: This is called "Flueknepperi", literally "f*cking a fly")

So, for better or for worse, I'm done with it for now.
Wow. It feels strange.

I have some busy time at work ahead of me, because I'm going on vacation in mid week 27 and week 28 with Mr Igor, author-friend and engineer-friend.
But after that, my schedule is pretty much just work and free time. That's going to feel really strange...
I have between week 28 and 38 completely free of any other responsibilities than work.

So I find myself wondering what I should do with that time. What do I want to do?
Catch up on TV? Learn something new? Practice a 7-strand braid until I nail it?

There are quite a few challenges floating around the internet: Feel good challenges, healthy living challenges, zen-challenges, self care challenges etc. Maybe I should do something like that?

What do I really want to get out of those 10 weeks?
I would like to spend some time having fun with hubby. Go see some things, experience something new, go on some of the guided tours they offer here.
And I would like to train some more. I'm actually beginning to enjoy it, and it is very good for me.

So... A weekly plan of:
One day out and away with hubby to do and see something fun.
And two days where I visit the gym to burn some calories.

Pretty simple, right?

I have actually semi-planned our "date days" out already. There is 1-3 goals in each day, but there will be room for improvising like eating out and such.

This could be very good for me. I need some time like this. Just focusing on myself, hubby and enjoying the summer.

Feeling good, destressing and having fun carries it's own reward. But maybe I should treat myself to one of the skincare tools I found myself drooling over some time back if I can stick to the plan?