About my hair and I

My real name is Ida and “Igor” is a nickname and bad pun on my name in Danish. I’m 30 years old and live in Lund, Sweden with my Swedish hubby.

Igor was my username on LHC.

For reference to hair length and height, I’m 173 cm tall or 5´8”

According to Fia’s hairtyping system I’m a 1BCiii:

  • 1B: Very straight but not stick straight.
  • C: All strands are easy to distinguish on any background and rolling my hair between my fingers makes it “crunch” happily. Has “textbook” coarse hair reactions like disliking too much protein and oil.
  • iii: The circumference of my hair when compressed tightly is 11-12 cm.

My growth rate is pretty accurately 2 cm or 0,8 inches per month.

I have a normal scalp that doesn’t flake, go greasy or feel dry after washing.

My hair colour is titian: Not really blonde, not really brown but has a lot of red in it. Titian is also my username on UTT.

I shaved my head over 10½ years ago half because of a bad bleach job (Don’t ever believe people who claim “natural products are better for your hair!”) and half because I wanted to try.  

I have no cowlicks or natural partings so I need to put my hair up to see!

My first, original growing goal was to grow it long enough to put up. After that I just let it grow and have enjoyed it more the longer it got. Right now its pretty accurately at knee length.

It honestly feels weird to know I’m considered an “ultra long hair”, “mega long hair”, “super long hair” or XXLong hair” or whatever the playful term of the day is. For me my hair really is an every day thing about as interesting as cooking or cleaning. Sure, once in a while I take a real interest in it, but most of the time its just wash and put up and away.

Good hair seems to run in my family. Men keep their hair all their life and women go grey and white very late.