Saturday, 27 May 2017

Charcoal detox

I was sick a lot in April. It was pretty scary to me. First it was bad stomach, then fever, coughing, more fever and more coughing, then more fever and coughing again. 
It was a pretty scary experience, because it felt like whatever I did, I just couldn't shake it. 

There's a lot of "detoxes" out there on the internet, but using activated charcoal to detox seems like a potentially inoffensive idea. One of those "Can't really hurt, can it?"-things. Hubby and I did a quick five day detox using it.
The taste of the charcoal itself brings out a vague memory of faceplanting in sand as a small child (Before being old enough to worry about who or what might have used the sandbox as a bathroom)

But we ended up adding some carrot, ginger and apple which should be good for the liver (Everything is good for something, isn't it? Seems like any fruit or vegetable will be used for some sort of shot) which made it slightly sweet.

It wasn't bad. I don't think it did anything bad for us, but I'm not entirely sure it "detoxed" anything either. We would probably try it again some time though.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today's hair

Two Dutch braids pulled up and under their "neighbors" base.

Looks pretty cute just like this!
Like a butterfly or something?

The ends of the two braids wrapped around the middle of the "bun" until I ran out of braids,  then pinned with a Flexi.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Current supplement routine

My supplement routine always varies a little according to what I feel like or feel inspired by.

My classic combination of fibre, fish oil and multivitamins. I think I have been taking this combination for something like 20 years now! 

For my skin: Inositol (Keeps my dermotillomania down) collagen, hyaluronic acid and spearmint supplements (Inspired by Tracy over at Fanserviced-B to keep androgen acne and breakouts down)

The more or less random stuff: Pro biotics and acai berry supplements. Just some stuff I stumbled upon and though "Yea, why not?".