Saturday, 7 April 2012

Attempted top knot

I’ve been thinking ahead for the party on Saturday (Kinda a delayed birthday party for me) and since the top knot seems to still rule the fashion world I figured maybe I should try a test knot.

I was thinking I would go for a rope braided Nautilus for my top knot instead of the sleek or messy knots that seems to be the It Thing.

The finished result

First I did a high ponytail. This turned out to be a real headache as my hair absolutely hates changes of directions. It comes with the territory of having coarse hair. My hair doesn’t “slide” smoothly against itself; it tangles if you try to direct it in another way. It took me something like 15 minutes to create a slightly-higher-than-normal ponytail, argh!

My left triceps was burning! I use my right hand to comb and the left to hold, so I had my left arm stuck in an uncomfortable position trying to hold my heavy, damp hair in place. Ouch!

In 20/20 hindsight, the way to go for this step is definitely to bend at the hip and tilt forwards instead of combing upwards. I might try this tomorrow.

Now for the rope braid. Hm. Not impressed. Again, 20/20 hindsight tells me to bend forwards next time. I had trouble feeling what I was doing and I couldn’t see it either. Ropebraids have never been a friend of mine so maybe I should just go for a simple braid instead?

Front view after turning the rope braid into a Nautilus. It got a bit asymmetrical. Hm.

So what do you all think?

I think it has potential. I think if I practise this a few more times it could be a cool style for me. I like the position of the bun actually. The “lift” is a nice touch and the rope bun is pretty cool. The question is if it would work with a braid too or only rope braids. I doubt I will ever make friends with those #¤%£$ things…

Art :)

Check out what Little Orca did!

She painted it after this picture of me:

I have to admit its one of my least favourite pictures of me. Ever. I attempted to copy the pose of La Naissance de Venus by Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval but instead ended up looking like one giant chin, ick!

I took the pictures for my 9½ years hair anniversary. Link to the original thread back on LHC.

Maybe I should have hubby take some new pictures of me, some that will actually look good! Some that has me posing, not just for the hair and not looking like an idiot?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I finally talked hubby into giving me a trim. I’ve been trying to bring it up with him before and every time it has resulted in him angsting over the risk of screwing it up. Every time I have said that I feel a lot safer with his cautious trimming than in the hands of some scissor-happy stylist who would prefer to add layers and highlights and…

It’s not like my ends were very even before anyways: I still have that reverse U shape from my bad habit of snipping my braid tassel. I just wanted it evened up a tiny little bit.
10 minutes and lots of whining and worrying later and my ends looked like this.
Hubby did a great job!
I thought with all his worried complaints and his assumptions that I would be upset with the result that he had snipped a lot of hairs, but no. A sweep of the floor didn’t exactly reveal a lot of hairs!
Now I just have to keep from snipping the few longest hairs in my braid tassel so I don’t maintain the reverse U shape.
Ridiculously long full length shot! I’m back above knee length I think. 

Monday, 2 April 2012

You know you’re a longhaired weirdo when…

...You have an almost empty tub of protein tablets and find yourself thinking “Hey, that dust in the bottom… Can I use it in my hair somehow?”
I asked on UTT but the answers were pretty inconclusive. I guess I just have to try a test strand!
I know a lot of people put their shed hairs out for the wild birds, but I have never done it myself. I’m guessing I need to cut my up to 1½ meter long strands up in much smaller bits, but how small is enough? I’d hate to see “our” fluffy little morons get tangled up. I know how strong my hairs are!

Today hubby trimmed his beard and I found myself wondering if maybe his beard trimmings would be of interest to the little birds. They are pretty short and feel wiry, yet soft. Should definitely keep some little bird babies warm!

I gathered up what I could and will put it out tomorrow and see what happens.

It’s funny how hubby’s beard turns from being blonde with some red, grey and brown patches on him to just dark brown when it’s been cut. Angles and light really shifts the colour of natural hair.

It looks like a warm little nest already!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hair dream

I dreamt about my hair last night.
First I bleached my hair bimbo blonde. Bimbo blonde is what I always call it in my head when I see one of those girls who just want to be “really, really blonde” with no regard to how healthy their hair is or if the colour looks natural at all. It always ends up with that distinct, flat yellow colour.   
It turned out I (Surprise) didn’t like it at all.
For some reason I decided the logical step would be to colour my hair black.
But my ends didn’t take the colour like the rest and it turned out to be spotted and patchy in yellow and black. Like a leopard.
Imagine if I could actually get my hair like that?