Monday, 2 April 2012

You know you’re a longhaired weirdo when…

...You have an almost empty tub of protein tablets and find yourself thinking “Hey, that dust in the bottom… Can I use it in my hair somehow?”
I asked on UTT but the answers were pretty inconclusive. I guess I just have to try a test strand!
I know a lot of people put their shed hairs out for the wild birds, but I have never done it myself. I’m guessing I need to cut my up to 1½ meter long strands up in much smaller bits, but how small is enough? I’d hate to see “our” fluffy little morons get tangled up. I know how strong my hairs are!

Today hubby trimmed his beard and I found myself wondering if maybe his beard trimmings would be of interest to the little birds. They are pretty short and feel wiry, yet soft. Should definitely keep some little bird babies warm!

I gathered up what I could and will put it out tomorrow and see what happens.

It’s funny how hubby’s beard turns from being blonde with some red, grey and brown patches on him to just dark brown when it’s been cut. Angles and light really shifts the colour of natural hair.

It looks like a warm little nest already!

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  1. Hmm well I guess that means I'm a longhaired weird as well 'cause I had the exact same thought :D Btw I must admit that I'm curious about what you do for work or studies (or perhaps a third alternative?) but perhaps it's a coinscious choice from your side that you never mention it (in that case just disregard my question, like I said I'm just curious). :)