Thursday, 6 September 2012

My hubby, the omnivore

One of the things I had to learn quickly about my hubby is that he will eat and drink anything I store in the fridge. Anything!
For instance, back when I experimented with pure lemon juice for my face (Was supposed to help my trouble skin but all it did was make my face seriously sore to touch) I had stored a small bottle of pure lemon juice in the fridge. One day where I came home, he greeted me with asking what that sour stuff was. Yep, he had drunk it!
It still makes me giggle and shake my head to this day that he drank something he didn’t know what was and that he drank something that was so sour and nasty that he had to water it down to even be able to drink it.
I mean, seriously? How has this man survived without getting poisoned up until now?
Anyways. Yesterday I was going out with the girls for a comedy night at Southern Kitchen and was running late so had to ask him to help me finish the first steps of making my lemon-ginger water. He just needed to let the pulpy water filter before bottling it and storing it. And yet, obviously I guess, he drank some of the half-finished lemon-ginger water. It still needed to have added cooled green tea so it was really sour.
Silly hubby. I dread to think if I should some day forget about his opportunistic omnivore tendencies and try to store a hair treatment in the fridge!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back! :)

Hi everyone. I was gone for a while, actually a day longer than I had planned, much to my poor Hubby’s distress.
Now I just have to get used to being back home and blogging again!
I have a bunch of blog posts planned but I’m feeling a bit of blog block, hmm…

Anyways. Let’s start with a bit of Q&A

That happened to me too:), I thought, that only I could have such an odd problem:. My mother and brother noticed it and called it a rat's tail, since then I avoid putting my hair under a jacket;) By the way I'm on LHC too 
Stella Kaprane
”Rat tail”. Haha!
Too bad though, it’s a good way to protect a braid, especially out in public!
(I’m not on LHC anymore though)

One for your next Q&A: Do you whiten your teeth? What do you use? Would you recommend it? 
Yes, I do. At the moment I’m using some store brand bleaching strips that Biologist Friend brought back with her when she was in the US. I’m “rationing” them to use every two months since what you can get here is quite crappy. Your choice of teeth bleaching equipment is pretty limited in Scandinavia because it can be damaging and should really be done by a professional.

Haha atually I have considered joining 24/7 in Lund :D (are there several? I was thinking of joining the one that also offers classes/ group sessions) I share my parental leave equally with my sambo so we take every other day and since I'm studying in Lund it makes more sense for me to do my exercise there when I finish school for the day since it's really "me-time" instead of " Stressing home to baby-time"    
Sounds like a good idea :)
One of the two good things about 24/7 is that you use your fingerprint to get in and you can access every single gym they have in the chain with it. The big one at Botulfsplatsen has the classes but the small one near the station is a lot nicer to go to I think...

I always wear my hair up in a nautilus when I exercise, too. Letting a braid hanging down my back was resulting in hairs catching in my sport bra. Not fun.    
Usch, yes! For me its usually the hooks in my bra…

OMG! 40 braids in your hair? Ouch!! I find french braiding even made my biceps sore ;)  
I tried but couldn’t find pictures of it, hehe. I found one where I did 12 or so though:


Combed. Poouf!!!