Friday, 13 June 2014

BB cream

Anyone else still using these or has the hype passed?
After lots of experiments with mine, I have ended up only using mine in one way: In a 50-50 mix with my regular day cream on days where I just need a light cover and glow.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thistle oil

The first oil I ever had any success with, was thistle oil.
It was completely random: I had bought it for cooking use and on a whim, I put some in my ends and wrapped a plastic around it.
For the first time ever, my hair didn’t throw a fit over oil.
Up until then, it always felt like I was “missing” out on something. It seemed like all other longhairs had the whole oil-thing perfected and had amazing results with it and just couldn’t live without it.
Me? My hair turned into a horrible stringy mess if I tried to oil it.
Up until that very day where I put it in the ends like that day.
Since then I have made oils work for me.
I still can’t use any on the top half of my hair without irritating results, but I don’t feel the need to force it to work.
However, I haven’t been able to find thistle oil since then.
Not that I have put a lot of effort into it, I have just been checking the oil-sections of most supermarket I have been in.
Now, randomly I found it.
And I’m very excited to see if it’s actually any good… 

Monday, 9 June 2014


When I posted about the Outlet Village in Ringsted, I might not have mentioned just how awesome I think the place was.
I’m usually not the kind of person who enjoys shopping. I always get confused and irritated over the staff and the supply of choices.
But it turned out that outlet stores are just perfectly suited for me, so… I went a little crazy.