Saturday, 28 June 2014

My favourite protein supplement

This is my favourite protein supplement.
It is 131 kcal for 30 grams of protein. It also has some vitamin B6 and B12.
I mix each into ½ litre of water and usually drink one after training.

Since protein is 4,1 kcal per 1 gram of protein, it’s only 8 calories “extra” after the protein. This is something I look for when I pick a protein supplement.

It comes in different flavours:
Apple/Lime (Not so good)
Cherry (Good)
Orange (Good)
Pineapple/Mango (Not so good)
Pink Grapefruit (Icky)
Raspberry (Good)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

So close I can almost taste it

Just one little test tomorrow and it’s summer holiday for me.
I seriously can’t remember the last time I’ve had so few plans for an entire summer!
After tomorrows test, my next “have to” on my list is august 27th!

This needs a little something…


There. Much better.


Anyways.  I want to make the most of my wonderful free time and finish off a lot of projects I’ve had rattling around in my head.

Seriously sour duties
I have an issue with taxes I need to work on. I might just have to mail them and that will fix the problem, but… Urgh… Taxes.

Work and school related
Going to work on a “sister”-uni’s website a bit. Its semi-volunteer work, but it looks good on my CV and I can do it from home
I borrowed a bunch of nonfiction to read. Maybe I should make a habit of a one hour study session every evening?

My beloved grandpa died 2 months ago. It wasn’t expected, so it left everyone a little rattled and has caused some issues in my family
My aim is to go to Denmark to visit them twice during the holiday

Home improvement
The lights in the living room and kitchen need some work
We need to get some new stuff for the bed too
The curtain in the living room needs to be put up in a different system. It will require some drilling and sweaty work
I want some hooks and a planner up in the hallway. It will be the logical place to check for daily plans or put out things you need to return, remember or fix outside of the home
One day trip to Ikea should fix most of it

Be a good little housewife and do all the chores since Hubby has to work and I don’t
See my friends a lot!
Declutter and put up my unused hair things for sale or trade
Meet up with Rockpaperscissorlizardspock (Yes?)
Get my ass together to decide on a new laptop

The shallow stuff
I want to get more serious with hair and skin stuff
My plan is to set up a serious schedule and maintain it. Since Hubby will be working and I won’t, I have the evenings to myself (Just feels weird to do girly maintenance around him. Hmm)
Get back in a supplement routine

Blog stuff
The broken images need replacement with the functioning links. Yea, that won’t take forever…
Have a bunch of posts ready and queued up for when I get busy again so my blog doesn’t run dry so easily
I have a bunch of ideas for articles, solid and researched stuff instead of the pulp I’ve been putting up for a while. I’m quite looking forward to this: I like the research and organisation necessary to post final results that are read-worthy

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Awesome beauty-haul

Seriously the best skin mask I have tried, ever. It left my skin feeling absolutely clean and soft. Wonderful stuff. I recommend it warmly (Just remember not to put it on too thinly or it becomes difficult to peel off)

Limited edition “Into the ocean” of Davidoff’s Cool Water. It was a major nostalgia trip for me. The ordinary version was “my” scent (Along with millions of others) in the mid 90es until it was replaced with CK one (Along with millions of others). The limited edition is a bit more spicy and fresh, so this was instant love.

Wonderful body lotion for my sensitive skin. It’s not too light and not too heavy either, so I will try the facial line soon too.

A bag friendly water spray for the skin. Absolutely a must-have for the beginning summer heat!

Monday, 23 June 2014

How I wore it this Christmas

What are these things called?
Santa-hat? Christmas hat?
My English vocabulary needs some work.

Anyways, I found a super long one last Christmas. It reached all the way to about mid calf, longer than my own hair.
I wore it with the tail wrapped around my bun. Quite comfortable and very festive IMO.

(Of course there were some negative comments, but those were from the people who will find something to complain about no matter what)