Saturday, 7 July 2012

Reverse U-shape experiment, part II

I had Hubby take a relatively cautious 2 cm off in the back today. Even though he didn’t feel like my head deserved to be in the picture (Ehh…?) I think you can see how I separated it anyways.


Then I did a simple English braid again.
Even though I know we took off very little of the back and that you can’t do braids 100% the same every time, I was still surprised to see my tassel was longer than yesterday.
Of course the braid looks slightly ticker before tying it off with the elastic than it did yesterday when I braided it down further, so for now, I’d say the 2 cm reverse U shape have had no effect.

Tomorrow we will take off a bit more. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Reverse U-shape experiment, part I

First I wanted a regular normal trim so I could tell if and how the shape made a difference. So despite Hubby’s increasingly desperate pleading to let him off the hook, I still got him to do it for me.

Poor guy still haven’t realised that is why I prefer him doing it. I’d rather have someone terrified of doing it wrong than someone with the “Awesome! A blank canvas for my sick skills!”-attitude *cough*stylists*cough*

Anyways, here is the slightly blurry before-shot

And the after-shot

Hubby did a good job!

Actually I was the one who messed it up: We started talking about if I maybe could cut it between my own legs so I pulled it between my legs and snipped it the best I could. But when we put it back behind my shoulders again, it was uneven. Hubby evened it up for me so I lost a bit more than the 2-3 cm I asked for.

And then I braided it into a simple, low English braid.

Tomorrow we will do the reverse U-shape! 

Today’s hair

Well, a couple of days ago anyways?
I have felt pretty cranky and unmotivated for no apparent reason lately and it has affected my haircare too. Meh.
The funny thing is, I was very unhappy with the braid when I put it up but it looks pretty fine in the picture.
And uff, I really need a new phone. See the tape used to keep the battery in? Yeah, hehe. Oops.