Thursday, 5 July 2012

Reverse U-shape experiment, part I

First I wanted a regular normal trim so I could tell if and how the shape made a difference. So despite Hubby’s increasingly desperate pleading to let him off the hook, I still got him to do it for me.

Poor guy still haven’t realised that is why I prefer him doing it. I’d rather have someone terrified of doing it wrong than someone with the “Awesome! A blank canvas for my sick skills!”-attitude *cough*stylists*cough*

Anyways, here is the slightly blurry before-shot

And the after-shot

Hubby did a good job!

Actually I was the one who messed it up: We started talking about if I maybe could cut it between my own legs so I pulled it between my legs and snipped it the best I could. But when we put it back behind my shoulders again, it was uneven. Hubby evened it up for me so I lost a bit more than the 2-3 cm I asked for.

And then I braided it into a simple, low English braid.

Tomorrow we will do the reverse U-shape! 


  1. Looking good!
    I'm still not sure the reverse U will work for an even braid end. I've been obsessing about it since you mentioned it because, I too, have often wondered why braid tassles have a taper.

    in fact, I think if memory serves me right, back when I had V shaped ends as a young teen, my braids tassel was even. I'm wondering if it has more to do with the under layer of hair rather than the side length?

    Very eager to see your conclusion!

  2. Thought: have you tried doing a test for the reverse U shape with thread or string? Before making your hair reversed?