Thursday, 8 August 2019

Awesome Nightblooming order on the way (Plus discount code!)

Nightblooming aka Melissa wrote a book and since I'm a fan of how she can express herself, I had to have it. Seriously, the way she can describe her products is just amazing to me. This was part of the reason I wanted to interview her some years back.
So naturally I had to have her book and read her work on a full story. Can't wait!

I have asked Melissa to do another interview for her upcoming book, and she agreed to it!
Since we need to find a time where we can put our heads together, this is my readers chance to ask Nightblooming anything you would like to know about her book and products.
She also offered to do a special FAQ for us for those questions she receives the most!

And... *drumroll*

I have a special code for my readers to Nightblooming's Etsy store for 10 % off on all orders until august 15th.
Either follow this direct link or apply the code BELLTOWER when you check out.

I have ordered her book in hard copy: Heaven's Silhouette
Preorder and other cool stuff here as well.
It can even be preordered through Melissa's Patreon where it also comes with an upgrade package.
She has also done something so cool, and so, so very Nightblooming: She made a line of essential oil blends for the books universe.

I have ordered Aurelia: Iyarri Chronicles Signature Oil Blend,
Cæl: Iyarri Chronicles Signature Oil Blend,
Lucien: Iyarri Chronicles Signature Oil Blend and
Tiahmani: Iyarri Chronicles Signature Oil.
The last scent, Aamon will be released in august or September. I have ordered it as the free essential oil blend sample that comes with my book.

Naturally I also had to have some Sarenrae Blonde Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner,
Eilistraee: Gray, White, Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner and the
Sunlit Meadow Herbal Rinse for Light Hair.
Since I had ordered so many oil blends already, I also grabbed a Green Scents Oil Blends in jasmine green tea.

For those who don't already know, the Nightblooming products are very well known in the longhair circuit and Melissa wrote some of the classic haircare literature:


Which I reviewed here


Which I also reviewed, here


Which I have not reviewed since I don't have a cat

Tuesday, 6 August 2019