Friday, 25 May 2012

So how bad is it?

I took this picture of my lazy (Sloppy) braid today. Honestly I think the taper is acceptable. Yes, I do have taper. Yes, the end of my braid is way thinner than the beginning. Yes, I do wish my braid stayed thicker all the way down.
But I don’t think my taper is “unacceptably” high. My taper is pretty much what comes with the natural and unavoidable xx shed hairs per day. I even think my shedding is under normal but since I’ve been growing more or less actively for some 10 years, naturally it results in taper.  
The tassel on the other hand. Yikes, that’s thin and long. The tassel pretty much only consists of the middle part of the 3 parts forming the braid. When I simply can’t braid anymore, I tie if off with an elastic.
I really think that if I went with the reverse U shape I could change that. My theory is that it would result in less braid-length but I would be able to braid further down and it would make the tassel a whole lot thicker. I measured the tassel to around 15 cm and its all from the middle part.
I feel like I’m becoming obsessed with this idea, hah… 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

And then the summer came

Holy crap it’s been hot the last few days!
I really don’t tolerate heat well (I’m really more comfortable with ice and snow) so the heat has turned me lazy and constantly cranky.
My plan for yesterday was basically to return our rented DVDs and go to the gym. Instead I spent half the day vegetating in front of the computer where it’s nice and cool, before hubby and I grabbed a book each and went outside in the sun (Gasp) to read. 

There is this weird little place around the corner from us: Literally like someone removed the house from a garden and now it’s mildly overgrown. There is a hedge surrounding the place and decorative bushes and trees and it’s pretty private to lie around in.
Then we decided to go see Avengers and try the new burrito place that just opened. (A recommendation for RockPaperScissorLizardSpock to go check out Bonito Burrito near Saluhallen, they are as good as the Wraphouse hear the central station but a lot cheaper) 
You know you’re a really weird longhaired person when you in the middle of a dramatic scene spot a set of hair sticks and want to poke your hubby and squeal “Look, hair stick!!”
Did anyone else spot them in the Stuttgart scene right where the camera pans over the kneeling people?
Summer means two things for sure:
  • Taking out all my scarves and bandanna to protect my scalp from sunburn
  • And cute pedicures for sandals

I had really hoped that my skin had healed enough and my scars faded so much I would be comfortable wearing shorts this summer, but no. Another year of long pants for me…