Thursday, 24 May 2012

And then the summer came

Holy crap it’s been hot the last few days!
I really don’t tolerate heat well (I’m really more comfortable with ice and snow) so the heat has turned me lazy and constantly cranky.
My plan for yesterday was basically to return our rented DVDs and go to the gym. Instead I spent half the day vegetating in front of the computer where it’s nice and cool, before hubby and I grabbed a book each and went outside in the sun (Gasp) to read. 

There is this weird little place around the corner from us: Literally like someone removed the house from a garden and now it’s mildly overgrown. There is a hedge surrounding the place and decorative bushes and trees and it’s pretty private to lie around in.
Then we decided to go see Avengers and try the new burrito place that just opened. (A recommendation for RockPaperScissorLizardSpock to go check out Bonito Burrito near Saluhallen, they are as good as the Wraphouse hear the central station but a lot cheaper) 
You know you’re a really weird longhaired person when you in the middle of a dramatic scene spot a set of hair sticks and want to poke your hubby and squeal “Look, hair stick!!”
Did anyone else spot them in the Stuttgart scene right where the camera pans over the kneeling people?
Summer means two things for sure:
  • Taking out all my scarves and bandanna to protect my scalp from sunburn
  • And cute pedicures for sandals

I had really hoped that my skin had healed enough and my scars faded so much I would be comfortable wearing shorts this summer, but no. Another year of long pants for me…


  1. Thanks! Will check it out! Btw I was at Webhallen the other day and as usual I'djust lazily wrapped the hair up in a nautilus which was secured with a pair of hairsticks/lazer swords from the star wars collection at and the guy behind the counter (!who also had long hair!)actually asked me where I'd gotten them, and today at ICA all the tresseme naturals condish were sold out, as in the entire shelf wa just raked clean but all the other products were still there. I beleive longhairs are slowly but surely taking over the world :D

  2. eh, I just read through my comment, let's just pretend those grammatical errors never occurred mmkey? I blame having slept 3 hours due to hot cranky baby (and ofc being lazy)

  3. Btw have you ever tried e-vitamin oils such as vetegroddsolja for you scars? I use if on the scar after my caeserian and my strechmarks and it works like a charm, they're fading like crazy

  4. Haha, great story about the hair sticks :) I think I may have the same set(s) though, just from j-list instead of thinkgeek?
    I agree about long hair getting more focus lately btw! Have you noticed that instead of products bragging about “cute flower extract” or “super fantastic hair-healing complex ®” there are more products with ACTUAL hair value such as no cones, keratin and arginine? I think it’s very interesting!
    I haven’t tried that oil yet, I have actually been looking for it without luck before. I can’t remember what I wanted to use it for, probably hair though? Where do you find it?

  5. oh nice! It's good to hear that I have fellow nerds in the long hair community :) You're not by any chance into MMO's as well are you?
    It's awesome how products have changed, even my mainstream hair friends who usually look at me with mild exasperation when I talk about COing, no heat styling, no cutting and oiling are now raving about low sulphate products and no cones, it's really kind of awesome! (although they all still heatstyle and bleach and cut 2 cm's every 6 weeks meanwhile they complain about their hair falling apart and never growing old but that's another story :P
    Do try that oil, I bought mine at Life in Limhamn but they should carry it in Lund as well, it's a bottle of 500ml for 200 kr so it's a bargain as well, I use it for everything, bodylotion, my hair,cleaning my sons behind instead of those awful chemical napkins (ok tmi but it really is AWESOME, it even has sunscreen effect (to a degree ofc so be careful), and its a very pure oil as it's originally produced to be drunken (although I don't cause it tastes like ... well.. trolldeg)

  6. Oh yes, I’m a proud nerd alright!! ^^
    I have played a few different but ATM I’m not :) Right now I’m only playing Ikariam.
    Thank you for the tip! I will check it out soon :)
    BTW did I spot you today heading for Akedemibokhandlen? I saw a woman wearing something that looked like a figure 8 bun held with a Ficcare, and how common are Ficcares in the wild? Hah :)

  7. Awesome, the world needs more nerds :)
    If you feel like trying out a new MMO I can highly recommend Rift, it's not only a beutiful world with a compelling storyline but the builds and character trees are really fun. I haven't enjoyed myself this much since wow was first released (imagine WoW without the issues & spammers) it's really a lot of fun. I play defiant and am resident on the bloodiron shard if you want some levelling company :)
    Nope it wasn't me that you spotted, I was off scubadiving that day, but it's cool that you saw a ficcare in the wild! That is certainly something that doesn't happen every day :D
    Btw do you know anywhere that one can buy sheabutter in the Malmö/Lund area? I asked at Life but they couldn't even order it since their supplier doesn't carry it :/

  8. Ah forgot to say my name in Rift is Ednasila