Friday, 8 January 2016

First monthly trim out of many

I got my pretty Hubby to give me a 3 cm trim. As usual he complained and worried all the time, but still did an awesome job.(He is cute that way!)
He used the Etude tool for the initial trim, then adjusted and trimmed the rest by hand.
3 cm off, right to the millimeter. That set my growth back two months. And next month, I will set it back another two months. Funny thought!
We took a full length picture, but the crappy winter light made it pretty useless, so here's one with the tools, the trimmings and my nice, short tassel.
I absolutely can't tell I lost any length, but my ends feel happy and healthy!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Swap, part II

Look what arrived today!

Thank you, Charlaine! 

I have to start off with a complaint from Hubby: He was very disappointed with how much Charlaine had emphasized it was for me only and there was nothing for him.
Hubby then wandered off sulking and muttering something about being treated different for not having "crazy long hair". 

He's a moron but I love him anyways. 
(Also he is so spoiled he has nothing to complain about to begin with)

The drawings are so cute I could barely get myself to destroy the packaging! 

What I received: The Ouidad double detangler, two really nice strong elastics and two Ultra Doux avocado and shea butter oil conditioners!

The comb is enormous!
One thing is when you look it up and see the dimensions listed, it is an entirely different thing to have it in your hand and feel the size and weight of it. 

Everything unpacked.
I'm very much looking forward to try the conditioners. It has a good scent: Sort of warm and fruity. 
Charlaine and I have near similar hairtypes, so it will be very interesting to try one of her favorites!

Monday, 4 January 2016


The sweet and awesome Charlaine contacted me after reading my complaints about breaking my combs and offered to send me a Ouidad double detangler.
So sweet!!

I suggested we did a swap and Charlaine agreed to it. Also I got permission to write about it!

She is also sending me her favourite conditioner: Ultra Doux avocado and shea butter oil.
Sounds good!

I think this one goes under the name "Respons" here?

Looks familiar, right? 
I haven't seen an avocado and shea butter oil one before though! 
So I'm looking forward to try it.

It was a bit difficult to find something Charlaine would be interested in since her hair and scalp is very different from mine, and her skin is every bit of difficult as mine.
Some day I need to find someone who has "normal", easy skin and get them to take my enormous pile of skin stuff that I can't use myself. Haha.
I did find some things in the end though.

All pretty and wrapped up including a card.
I really like swaps so I always put too much effort into wrapping it up and stuff, lol.
I added a little extra thing (Middle package) that I have absolutely no idea if Charlaine will like or not.
Can't wait to hear from her about that!

This is the problem with having everything wrapped up and ready to go: I always find something extra to add!
Cute little handmade chocolates and a scalp scaler that didn't really work for me. It would be nice if it worked for Charlaine, but if it doesn't: No big loss.
That's the beautiful thing about swaps :)