Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Not really seeing the reverse U-shape when my hair is loose…?

Giant fairy knot

I hate those things!  
Usually I get them where just a few hairs manage to knot themselves up, but today I had a big one.
You would think it was physically impossible, but no matter where I pulled, it only seemed to tighten.
Sigh. No other option than cutting it up.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Yesterday I went to Kullaberg with Hubby, Chemist friend and Teacher friend. Chemist friend had paid for a cave tour as a thank you for helping her move. It turned out to be more rock climbing to get to the caves than actually spending time inside caves, but it was still a beautifully sunny and wonderful day to spend outside hiking in a stunning landscape.

Anyone want to see pictures, by the way?

Since I knew we would be outside for most of the day in direct or indirect sunlight, I covered my hair and scalp with two pre-tied bandannas and a headband. It did a great job of protecting my scalp from burning, protecting my hair from bleaching in the sun and kept my head cool.
My daily facial cream has SPF 15 which is actually enough for me unless I’m spending a full day outside in strong sun. It’s weird: Even though I’m very pale, I have a red tint in my hair and have freckles, I don’t actually burn easily.
I even took the time to rub plenty of SPF 20 on my blonde Hubby’s skin.

I guess I assumed my big bun would supply enough shadow to protect my neck. Either that or I simply forgot.