Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Yesterday I went to Kullaberg with Hubby, Chemist friend and Teacher friend. Chemist friend had paid for a cave tour as a thank you for helping her move. It turned out to be more rock climbing to get to the caves than actually spending time inside caves, but it was still a beautifully sunny and wonderful day to spend outside hiking in a stunning landscape.

Anyone want to see pictures, by the way?

Since I knew we would be outside for most of the day in direct or indirect sunlight, I covered my hair and scalp with two pre-tied bandannas and a headband. It did a great job of protecting my scalp from burning, protecting my hair from bleaching in the sun and kept my head cool.
My daily facial cream has SPF 15 which is actually enough for me unless I’m spending a full day outside in strong sun. It’s weird: Even though I’m very pale, I have a red tint in my hair and have freckles, I don’t actually burn easily.
I even took the time to rub plenty of SPF 20 on my blonde Hubby’s skin.

I guess I assumed my big bun would supply enough shadow to protect my neck. Either that or I simply forgot.




  1. It's funny how we seem to pass eachothers like ships in the night, Kullaberg is where I'm usually scubadiving :D One of these days I'm pretty sure we'll be oogling eachothers flexi 8's haha

  2. Been there, done that--have you ever done the classic? Long braid sunburn line? Yeah. Done that too ;)

    I'd say put zinc on that, but not sure what your skin likes being so sensitive. Hope you feel better soon!

    PS--I was told that if you are outside in peak sun, you need a minimum of SPF 30. I made this mistake one day too and was in agony for 3 days. I love Neutrogena dry touch sunblock SPF 85. One application lasts for me at a horse show for 16 hrs.

  3. La coiffure toujours très jolie félicitation:)
    Un coup de soleil avec du gel aloë vera et de la crème hydratante pour la peau, cela se soigne très bien voire de la biafine.
    Bon rétablissement à ta peau.

  4. I tend to forget the tips of ears. :/
    Hope your burn heals quickly! It looks very painful!

  5. Thank you for the sympathy, everyone! Luckily it didnt peel or hurt much, it just looked very, VERY miserable for a few days XD
    RockPaperScissorLizardSpock: Yes! But you do have the advantage of knowing exactly what I look like and I have no clue what YOU look like ^__~
    Darkhorse: Haha, not yet no. But I did once wear an expensive “water proof” sunscreen once in a water park and ended up with big chunks of skin peeling off! Later I learned that “Duh, didn’t you know that water proof only means it can only resist a few splashes and sweat? Like, duh!” Argh.
    Nathalie: Unfortunately I’m highly allergic to aloe vera, so none of that for me ;)
    Firegarnet: Ah yes, that’s a classic. Sigh.

  6. I know, that's the downside of having an anonymous blog. To be honest I feel I censor myself more and more when online with regards to future employability but that's a whole other, not to mention political. However if I do actually spot you I promise I will stop and introduce myself, everything else would just feel wrong and slightly creepy.
    Btw speaking of irl I found a really nice place to go for an afternoon beer in the sun today, Café Aruman - highly recommended! (and their carrot cake and ice tea are just awesome)

  7. *Nods* That makes sense. And yep, I know the place but have only been there for beer with the girls (Its like one of the only non-fancy, non-nation place to go in Lund…)