Friday, 10 August 2012

Weird malls and creepy walls

Chemist friend and I went shopping today until it was time for yoga class. She just moved into a bigger apartment in Malmö and the funniest thing is that her usually mean kitty is all sweet and cute now. So strange. Guess the cat is happy with the new place and getting all “her” stuff moved in?

Hard to believe this is the same fluff-ball that had me genuinely scared of touching her!

We went to check out a mall none of us have been to before: Mobilia. Weird place! It looked huge on the outside but was bizarrely small on the inside. I wanted some new jeans, an epilator and a good hair trimmer for Hubby but didn’t find anything I liked and ended up leaving with…

A refill of the day cream even though I’m not entirely sure what to think of the Eucerin line.

And an impulse buy of a mini massager. I’ve been considering getting some sort of massager for my scalp on and off for ages but since I have a stiff and sore neck from last yoga lesson, I got one this time. It was 99 kronor at Elgiganten for those interested.
I had a laugh at myself for taking a minute to figure out how to turn it on. Yep, it was in fact as super duper easy to operate as the package bragged about: You just press it on your skin. Typical that something that is really so simple confused me!

The area where Chemist friend have moved is full of small, charming old houses. Really cute area!

However, one of the houses really freaks me out.

First, let me point out that yes, this is indeed a painting of a house on the house’s wall. And it’s weird that instead of painting a more interesting house on the house, they only painted a single window on the side.

But let’s zoom in a little and focus on the cat and creepy girl in the window... Waving at the passer-by’s.

But it gets worse. Look what happens when you see the thing from the side...

Yes, that is actually a creepy hand coming out of the panting!

Of course when I came home again after shopping and yoga, and showed Hubby the pictures he decided to freak me out even further by speculating about the connection between the year 1866, the creepy painting of the girl and the even creepier hand. Bastard. He singlehanded made sure I will rather take a detour over walking near that house once the sun sets!  

Igor’s reaction to the most definitely ominous wall painting and most definitely haunted house:

And Igor’s reaction to her very, very mean Hubby who knows just how to push her buttons.

Maybe I should just generally wear my brand new, just arrived today sunglasses every time I get even remotely near the place? 


  1. Adorable ton chat mais heureusement que tu ne ressembles pas à Sailor Moon et ton chat non plus: La réalité est bien jolie.
    Tu t'arrêtes à la Knee Length ou tu veux continuer la pousse?
    Ta durée de vie capillaire dépasse la normale: 8 ans chez toi, ce qui est rare!

  2. Oh. My. God.
    Creepy house is creepy.
    Also, now may be the time to tell you how much I admire you and your hair ! I've been a folower of your blog for many monthys now, and it's always a pleasure to see new articles.
    My hair is classic length, but you make me reconsider my goal to maintain at classic.
    Knee-length hair looks so good on you !
    Anyway, keep on being awesome :D

  3. oh dear. No one likes a creepy house. Especially with a creepy hand!

  4. Nathalie: Not entirely sure…To be honest I thought fingertip length was the most easy maintained but everyone whose opinion I care about, are eager to see me keep growing so I did… And then found myself enjoying it once I got used to the extra work. I do wonder how long it can get before I find my ends thin and ugly.
    Tristelle: Gosh, thank you!! BTW I keep wanting to put up more useful articles but I find myself suffering from writers block a lot at the moment…
    Kathy: I know, right?! What kind of nutcase came up with THAT idea anyways? Brr!