Monday, 5 March 2012

The exciting life of Igor

My hair-skills are really suffering from my injured hand. Sucks being dominantly right-handed and having it injured. Maybe I should put some work into getting more ambidextrous? I can’t even brush my teeth with my left hand. 
Today’s hair is a severely crooked braided Nautilus with the elastic showing, sigh.
It’s a beautiful bright and sunny, although cold day. Perfect for going shopping: Hubby needed some new shoes more suitable for spring.
I needed to get my favourite glasses repaired. Not only does my hand injury screw up my hair, it makes me really clumsy too. I dropped my glasses a few days ago and all the tiny screws in them sprang to all sides and they fell apart. I was actually impressed that the tiny screws could work themselves out on a single impact like that.
Ah, good as new.
I’ve had to resort to my backup glasses. They look very similar to my favourite grey pair, just in black with green details. I still don’t understand how I could have bought them though!

What’s the problem, you ask?
The little square “block” thing is really catching my hair and hurting it. Hidden dangers to your hair… Let this be a warning to all the longhairs out there!
I got a nice bottle set at Åhlens that I fell for because of the flower print and pink cap.
Right now one of the big ones contains pure lemon juice and the small spray bottle contains a facial mist of my own recipe. Its half toner/skin tonic and half pure lemon juice with a few drops of honey. It has a nice skin brightening effect, the lemon acid combats outbreaks, the vitamin C gives skin a nice boost and seems to be slightly moisturizing too.
I got some smaller bottles too that I will need to send out oil samples in soon. The smaller bottles were 20 kronor each and the pink/flowery set was 55 kronor at Åhlens, if any Swede reading this should be interested.
After finishing our shopping, hubby and I went to New Delhi in Lund for lunch. They have a really good buffet and I would kill someone for their recipe for shredded chicken and their pickled onions!
Look how nice the oil samples looks! It seriously looks professional with my blog-sticker on! Hubby asked me if I was opening a hair-business, hehe. Maybe I should.
Maybe “Developed and used by Igor!” would have a certain attraction?
Feeling really satisfied with what I did with the bottles, I fed “our” little wild birds.
We have a minor army of chatty tree sparrows
great tits


and an adorable little family of blue tits. We have followed the little family since the male sat in the bush outside our kitchen window and sang. He attracted a lady and they nested in the vent in the next building where they got four chubby little babies on their wings. They stick together and are usually the first to spot it when we put food out for them.
From time to time we have a pair of common wood pigeons stopping by too. They make me smile because they always look so completely confused.
Last summer we had a family of wagtails visiting too with their fluffy grey babies.

I love watching the frantic happiness from feeding the little birdies just some scraps of food. Feeding birds is really good for the soul!

Now I’m sitting here typing this blog entry.

Once I’m done, hubby and I will watch some TV and have some chocolate fondue. I got it as a very early birthday gift (My birthday isn’t for another month) from Chemist Friend. So yummy dipping strawberries and marshmallows in melted chocolate!

After some chocolaty goodness, I’m going to finish up re-reading Making Money
and start on World War Z.

All in all a good day!

Family hair

I just shared this on UTT so I wanted to show my family and their hair here too. I think I’m really lucky with my hair genes! 

Left to right is:
Mother’s mother, age 86. That’s her natural hair colour, a dark brown with lots of silvers.
Mother, age 57. She used to be a honey blonde but went grey and then white. She has more white and grey than my grandmother :D I know she had waist+ length hair once.
Mothers father, age 85. He had very dark brown/light black hair when he was younger.
Yours truly. Looking very brunette in the light!
Father, age 70. (Yes, my dad is only 15 years younger than my granddad) He had light brown hair when he was younger.
I find it interesting that my grandparents who both had very dark hair got a blonde daughter and that no one in my family has even the slightest hint of red that I have. My guess is that it’s a long dormant gene back from my distant Spanish ancestor who made my grandfather so dark and Spanish-looking he would be mistaken for a local in Spain.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Almost killed my hubby last night

The weapon?   
A bottle of El Vital Color Vive leave in spray.
I was getting ready to go out with the girls (Punk concerts at Debaser in Malmö and yes, it was totally awesome!) and had to redo my figure 8 bun from the morning since it had started slipping and pulling on my slippery freshly washed hair. So with the help of a few smoothing sprays of the leave in, I turned it into a braided Nautilus bun.
I could just catch the end of a Spartacus episode replay and did my hair in the living room. I didn’t think about it until hubby almost fell on his face when he walked past me. The spray of this thing really went everywhere and made the floor insanely slippery.
  = Me, the murderous wifey.