Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hair inspiration

I thought this was a cute little detail.
And, well, I didn't hate it.

The good
  • It is a cute little detail
  • Splitting my hair up for the accent braid where they showed, proved to be fairly accurately one third of the volume, so it looked like a very nice and even braid to begin with 

The bad
  • Lifting the front of my hair to make an accent braid, made the length thin out very fast. So I had to bring extra hair in from BSL-ish
  • Which means that the accent braids detail disappeared very fast. Of course that's what the tutorial shows as well, but it's still sad to see a potentially nice detail disappear so easily. Why not do something else instead of this then?

My thoughts
  • This will definitely work better for shorter hair
  • Or maybe if you bring in a lot of extensions for the accent braid (Would be kind of cute in contrasting colours!) 
  • Maybe bunning the braids would be nice: It would hide how the accent braid disappears and you would still have the crossing braids in the back

Would I do this style again?
Nope. Not unless I suddenly had some very long extensions at hand to do this with.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Today's hair

Figure 8 bun held with a hair sword
(And Hubby's first practice-picture with his new phone. I like his priorities!)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Igors scalp typing system

I'm seeing some flakes on my scalp again. It seems like seasonal changes really provokes it? 

It got me thinking: We have the Fia's hair typing system, but what about the scalp? 
Doesn't a lot of people treat their hair according to what their scalp needs, more than what the length needs?

So here are my thoughts on creating a scalp typing system...

First of all, it needs to split up the scalp issues in two: The waxy and oily sebum.
And of course here we can discuss on whether it really is two different kinds of sebum, or it just is that some heads of hair can re-absorb the oil and leave the wax behind. Let's ignore that discussion.

And people will need to be able to tell waxy scalp from seborrheic dermatitis of course. Typically, seborrheic dermatitis presents with scaly, flaky, itchy, and red skin. Symptoms occur most commonly anywhere on the skin of the face, behind the ears and in areas where the skin folds. Flakes may be yellow, white or grayish.

So maybe the scalp typing system also needs an option for medical scalp issues as well?

Also an option for seasonal changes, like a lot of people have!

Second, it needs some sort of "grading" for each kind, which makes me wonder where the "norm" is. Of course since this is aimed at the hair nerds, the bell curve for how often you need to wash is completely different from the mainstream.

I'm thinking a "grading" that goes something like this:

  • Noticeably waxy or oily scalp less than 24 hours after washing: Very oily or waxy scalp
  • Noticeably waxy or oily scalp more than 24 hours after, but less than 48 hours after washing: Oily or waxy scalp
  • Noticeably waxy or oily scalp more than 2 days after, but less than 4 days after washing: Normal scalp
  • Noticeably waxy or oily scalp more than 4 days after, but less than a week after washing: Dry scalp
  • Noticeably waxy or oily scalp more than a week after washing: Very dry scalp

Not sure how accurate this is, hmm?
I'd say around 5 categories should cover most scalps?

But here's the thing: You would have to split the typing up in two, right?
You could have waxy, but dry scalp... 

So if one type, like waxiness gave a letter between A and E and the oiliness gave a number between 1 and 5?

And add a D for seborrheic Dermatitis? DD for severe seborrheic dermatitis?
And a M for other Medical scalp issue? MM for severe other medical scalp issue?
And a S for Seasonal Changes? SS for strongly affected by seasonal changes?

Hmm. That would make my scalp type D5S.

But what to name the categories?

The opposite of oily is dry.
But the opposite of waxy is.... Also dry?
Or... slick? Smooth?
Kind of sounds awful, doesn't it?


Sunday, 20 September 2015

New milestone

There was the cultural night in Lund yesterday. As the other years, lots of things I would have thought could be cool to see, but as the other years, I hate the £#¤%& crazy crowds it draws.
I'm not good with crowds.

So we ended up hanging out (and having too much beer) with some friends before heading in to see a band play. The band is called To Dust and we know one of the guitarists. They define their music as melodic death metal, but I'd say more of a trash metal *shrugs*
Although I like all forms of metal, this is probably less of a favorite for me.

But none the less, the music gets a million times better when you listen to it with friends, a beer in your hand and cheering for a friend. 


I got so much into it that I took my figure 8 bun out and tried to headbang for the first time in years, only to find that my hair is now too long to get a proper swirl going. Damn.
Doctor-friend with her BSL hair and Designer-friend with her tailbone length hair got it going but I couldn't. 
Sad milestone.

Also my neck hurts today. Ouchies.