Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hair inspiration

I thought this was a cute little detail.
And, well, I didn't hate it.

The good
  • It is a cute little detail
  • Splitting my hair up for the accent braid where they showed, proved to be fairly accurately one third of the volume, so it looked like a very nice and even braid to begin with 

The bad
  • Lifting the front of my hair to make an accent braid, made the length thin out very fast. So I had to bring extra hair in from BSL-ish
  • Which means that the accent braids detail disappeared very fast. Of course that's what the tutorial shows as well, but it's still sad to see a potentially nice detail disappear so easily. Why not do something else instead of this then?

My thoughts
  • This will definitely work better for shorter hair
  • Or maybe if you bring in a lot of extensions for the accent braid (Would be kind of cute in contrasting colours!) 
  • Maybe bunning the braids would be nice: It would hide how the accent braid disappears and you would still have the crossing braids in the back

Would I do this style again?
Nope. Not unless I suddenly had some very long extensions at hand to do this with.

1 comment:

  1. To solve the problem of the accent braid disappearing too fast, couldn't you take new hair from the inside of the bigger braid (so it's not noticable) and make a new accent braid once the first has come to an end? (I hope you can understand what I mean...)