Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tuesday the 3rd of May

I have some annoying things in my life I really should deal with. But instead of getting them done, I find myself being completely unmotivated and procrastinating. Can’t even get myself to work on useful-unnecessary things such as the blog, I’m literally doing nothing at all. Meh.


Last Saturday was coconut oil-day, but I procrastinated on that too and didn’t get coconut oil in my hair until yesterday. A tablespoon of oil distributed in the bottom half of my hair and up in a braided nautilus bun. Today I melted more oil in the microwave oven, dipped the bottom half of the braid in it, bagged it and wrapped an elastic bandage around.

Tomorrow is coloured hair-conditioner day. I like using those in the summer time since most of them boasts of having UV filter. I will always be suspicious of how good the products for hair are at actually protecting hair from sun, but when it comes to sun protection I guess every little bit helps.

Last Wednesday I did an overnight Ankylosaurus with two egg yolks, a scoop of cholesterol treatment and some Frank Provost expert reparation leftovers.

I really should try to get back in the hair-habits… And get my lazy ass back to the gym. Meh