Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hair inspiration

So a rope braid, wrapped up going around itself (I think? It's not too easy to see from the second last picture) and secured somehow.

I can't do rope braids.
But I can do Dutch braids. I usually wrap them down around the neck before going up again through.
It's worth a try to see if it looks better or different from going up first and wrapping them around themselves.

Unimpressed Igor is unimpressed.

This was really not cute at all.

I think this would be a super cute style if your hair was just long enough, that the braids can "reach" each other and do the little twist on top before tucking them under themselves.
A lot of length is definitely not good for this one. I had to wrap them around the "base" of the braids before wrapping up again.

Or maybe if you have less volume?  It did get very bulky.

Oh well. Was worth a try.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Throwback Thursday

Ah, I actually miss this style. It was just a scarf pulled through a ponytail-elastic, wrapped around the ponytail and then wrapped up as a cinnamon bun before tying it off.

Now if I try something similar, it beebutts....

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Shopping suggestions for me

I was on Etsy today to check if maybe Ron Quattro was making those cool neon hairsticks again. Did anyone else see those? It seemed they were there for so short, then gone again.

Etsy then started suggesting items from NightBlooming and it hit me: I've never tried any products from there before. Isn't it like a longhair must-have/must try kind of thing?

I mean, it seems someone is always raving about the Panacea salve on the hair forums at all times.

I should try that one, right?
Maybe the sample pack with all three salves?
The scalp scrub and herbal detanglers looks great too. Maybe try a rise? Or a hair tea for drinking?

Anyone? Opinions? What should I try?

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Today's hair

The failed infinity bun the other day kept annoying me.
I get it: You always get a different result when you have completely different amounts of hair (Both thickness and length) from the person demonstrating an updo.
But still... Felt like I was missing something to compensate for my extra length.

So I tried something today...

I love it!
Such a "clean" and pretty infinity shape!

I didn't know I would have loved the result this much, otherwise I would have taken pictures of the process. So here is a paint-explanation...

Here's what I did
First step: Put hair in a ponytail and poke a fork through vertically.

Form the first loop around the fork (red)

Form the second loop around the fork (green)

Pull the ponytail through the middle of the infinity shape (blue)

 Pull the ponytail through and behind the first loop (yellow) so the ponytail is squeezed in between the hair fork and the first loop

Tighten the infinity shape a bit, then twist and continue wrapping the tail around in the opposite direction (pink)

My instinct the first time I did the bun was to keep wrapping in the same direction I came from, but this was what caused the lopsidedness. You need to change directions to even out the shape from your natural taper.

Continue wrapping and tuck the ends under the bun (white)