Saturday, 10 January 2015


I have been given the opportunity to get stationed (For the lack of better word!) at an awesome workplace again. I absolutely loved it there the last time and it looked so awesome on my CV!
I’m 99% sure I will accept it.

  • Free gym (and a good one!), literally a stones throw from my living quarters
  • Good options for doing some yoga in the evening
  • It was surprisingly easy work compared to how difficult it’s regarded to be. Of course I will be in a different department this time should I accept, so it might live up to its reputation there
  • Living quarters are a stones throw the other direction from my living quarters
  • Looks good on my CV
  • Nice little village a bit away
  • Will give me plenty of time to work on other projects

Not really a pro or a con, but still funny: My family has strong ties to the area. The local museum basically has a wing about my great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather and their family business.
I’m thinking I will go visit them and ask if I can help dig up some stuff from my late grandfather that will make the exhibits a little more fun for visitors.

  • I can’t bring Hubby with me, so we will probably only see each other every other weekend or even less
  • It’s 20 weeks this time
  • The #%&@ signal issue

Seriously, the signal issue is a huge pain in the ass. The living quarters don’t have wired connections and the last time I was there, I couldn’t keep my wireless internet going at all. To make a phone call I can to stand in one specific corner of the top floor or the call would be dropped.
Either that or go in one of the office buildings and use one of the cabled connections.
Nothing wireless works there.

Despite the cons, I can see myself having a good stay there:
  • I would go home for an extended weekend every other week or so.
  • I would be closer to work #2 from the location than from home, so I could put more time and effort into it.
  • I could put in some serious me-time: Get a good routine going with proper bedtime, gym, healthy eating, fresh air and putting an effort into my skin and hair.

It would be like a project healthy hair 2012.

My routine would be something like:
  • Getting up, getting dressed. Glass of water with supplements.
  • Drinking my morning coffee and having a drinking-yoghurt at the morning meeting.
  • Work. Having a sports bottle with water at my table. Try to empty it during the day.
  • Healthy lunch consisting of salad. Supplements.
  • Work. Having a sports bottle with water at my table.
  • Going to the gym.
  • Protein shake or protein drink.
  • Post gym shower. Wash hair/deep condition hair.
  • Doing the Korean skincare routine if I’m just going to be in my quarters for the rest of the evening.
  • Work #2 from my own desk, studying or working on stuff I want to write for the blog.
  • Going to bed at a decent hour and getting plenty of sleep

It would actually be really good for me. Hmm.

I probably wouldn’t be able to actually blog a lot, but I could gather up some good material for it. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pro You Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid

So I took a hint from my own last blog post and went digging in the hair stuff closet. I had this bottle stuffed in the back and had totally forgotten about it.

It’s a sort of moisturiser for the scalp I guess.
Smells absolutely delightful: Like slightly spicy, but still fresh and delicious green apples. Yummy!
It has a very thin and runny consistency.
There’s an ingredient list in English on the front of the label, but it’s kind of hard to read. A huge list of botanical extracts in this one!

I considered typing it out, but, uh, it’s not like I can tell the significance of it containing liquorish root extracts anyways… If anyone is really interested in seeing the ingredient list and find it actually useful, I will type it up, but the information isn’t really useful for me.

I found this on the brands website:

I tried it on my scalp and it was actually very nice and calming on my winter dry and slightly cranky scalp.
It left some greasy residue at my roots, but the skin itself absorbed it.
So I’m thinking this might be a good idea to use the day before wash day?
Massage some of this in, leave it on overnight and wash it out the next day?


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Memebox Global # 18

I ordered this quite a long time ago, but it's the last in a very, very long line of boxes coming my way. I have stuck with the themed boxes so far and this is the only "random" (global) box for me yet. 
This box just seemed to cement that I don't need any more boxes. I just have too much Meme-stuff.

Left to right

  • Purederm Shower Jelly in Cooling Mint

In the description, Memebox goes out of their way to write about how awesome and trendy jelly-textured products are. It makes me think this thing might show up in the next OMG box. That would be right up their ally.
I don't understand the point of a cooling shower product though. I mean, even in the hottest of climate and summer, I still want a warm shower. Is that just me?
It comes with some little bubbling net thingie.

  • Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream

Another cream. I have re-used my old Memebox boxes to store products that I will use as a later time (They are very good for storage! Looks cute in the closet too!) and by now I already have a box completely stuffed full with facial creams. No eyecreams, no essences, no serums, nothing that needs rinsing off, no creams designed for the body: Just plain last-step-of-the-skincare facial creams.
There is no way yet another cream can excite me.
I don't get why Memebox doesn't aim for a more even distributing of product types. It seems like all boxes comes with at least one facial cream, but stuff like essences and especially toners are rare.

  • echoice Hand Therapy in Cherry blossom

It's another nice and delightfully scented hand cream. I have two in storage waiting for me to use up the one in my shoulder bag and the one on my work desk already, so, yea. Memebox overload even for a cute product I would otherwise look forward to.

Left to right

  • Puresmile Animal Point Pad in Guava

I know some bloggers dislike Puresmile, but I don't mind them. Another little sheet mask thing. I can always use those.

  • Derma Lift Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream

Something about these 3 little products rubbed me the wrong way right away. And sure enough: On the back of them it says "Free sample- Not for sale".
What the [beep!], Memebox?
They try to pass of 3 [beep]ing samples as 3 real, actual products?
And they have the balls to write "Full size product: 50 ml ($ 42)" on the pamphlet?

  • Touch by Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master

This left me mildly confused: I'ts a $ 46 ampoule-essence in a little pen thing for dabbing on dry spots on the face. Uhh. Yea, okay. I stuck it in my shoulder bag and figured I could maybe use it as a cuticle treatment or something.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sally’s Box Friendly Argan Hair Mask

What a name, huh? 

Unlike the Glam Up Brilliant Steam Hair Pack (Here and here), which only contained the wrap itself with some conditioner smeared on the inside, this has a separate packet of conditioner.
Only like 30 ml or so, but still. Little more hair-friendly in my opinion.
Taking a lesson from before, I wrapped my hair up in some extra conditioner and slipped the cap on.

It didn’t hold as well as my clingwrap and my “Gibson girl” type bun with the conditioner started to slip after a while.

Oh well. I really should try to get to the bottom of my “Hair stuff” closet: Use what I can and get rid of the rest.