Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pro You Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid

So I took a hint from my own last blog post and went digging in the hair stuff closet. I had this bottle stuffed in the back and had totally forgotten about it.

It’s a sort of moisturiser for the scalp I guess.
Smells absolutely delightful: Like slightly spicy, but still fresh and delicious green apples. Yummy!
It has a very thin and runny consistency.
There’s an ingredient list in English on the front of the label, but it’s kind of hard to read. A huge list of botanical extracts in this one!

I considered typing it out, but, uh, it’s not like I can tell the significance of it containing liquorish root extracts anyways… If anyone is really interested in seeing the ingredient list and find it actually useful, I will type it up, but the information isn’t really useful for me.

I found this on the brands website:

I tried it on my scalp and it was actually very nice and calming on my winter dry and slightly cranky scalp.
It left some greasy residue at my roots, but the skin itself absorbed it.
So I’m thinking this might be a good idea to use the day before wash day?
Massage some of this in, leave it on overnight and wash it out the next day?


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