Saturday, 19 December 2015


I just chipped my last intact comb and realized I have found a bizarre new milestone.
My hair is now so long that when I put a comb down while doing my hair, I always have this annoying, sneaky little strand stuck in it. No matter how much I try to make sure it's not there, I always end up pulling it when I continue handling my hair and then *bang* goes the comb on the floor.

Weirdest milestone yet.
And now I need new combs.

Huh. I went looking for my lesser good replacement combs and found two broken ones in a drawer. Why have I kept these??

Look how identical the damage is to all the combs!
It's pretty obvious that they get tipped over the edge of a table and then drop on one side.

This is my second "destructive" milestone. I had one around the time where ponytails was the only updo I could do at all. I broke crazy many elastics! When my hair became long enough to do a self-stabilising bun it really took the strain off the poor elastics.

So I'm in the market for new combs and of course I would like some nice, hair friendly and high end ones again. But if I'm going to murder all my combs like this, it would be a huge waste of money to get some expensive ones. They don't get more resistant to being dropped on the floor just for getting pricier!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

16th: A facial buffer sponge. Hmm. Honestly I haven't purposely exfoliated my face since I got my Clarisonic brush. I might use this anyways.

17th: Vitamin E hydrating toner. After the craptastic tea tree toner I expected a skin disaster. Although COSDNA tells me it isn't that bad, I'm still not impressed. Seriously, is 10 separate ingredients for fragrance-purposes really necessary? I might actually use this though.

18th: Chamomile eye makeup remover. Eh. I might use this.

Wow. All 3 products are an unenthusiastic "Yea, I might use this." Meh.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas hair

I decided to try braiding a Christmas ribbon into my hair. This time with a paranda-like start since the last one didn't look so good at the beginning.

How do people normally keep their hair detangled and smooth while they add the paranda?  Luckily my ribbons were pretty smooth, or my comb would have caught on it a lot.

I had some problems keeping the ribbons uniform on the sides of the braid. At around mid back they all suddenly switch to mostly one side and at hip to the other side. Meh.

I liked how fat it made the end feel!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

13th: A tough skin... stone? Kind of thing. Hubby eyed it with interest. I expect him to ask me how you work one of these the next time we take a bubble bath together.

14th: Nail polish. This is just not a flattering colour! In direct (Weak, winter) sunlight it had some strange neon, almost orange colour. In artificial indoor light it had a dark red, bordeaux, "lady is a vamp" kind of tone. I can't imagine this colour being flattering on anyone.

15th: Vitamin E night cream. So now I have a set?

Serious question here, you guys: Is this Christmas calendar getting into "Bitch eating cracker"-territory for me or is my lack of excitement justified?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hair envy

The throwback Thursday-post made me think: The picture of me age 14 (ish?) must have been from right before I started experimenting with dyeing my hair.

I had a period from around 14-17 where I dyed my hair a lot. Mostly I bleached it a lot, I also had the whole mane green, I had so many different streaks, mostly green and blue.

Wait. Age 14-17, that was 17-20 years ago...


I honestly loved having my hair coloured like that. It was so much fun!
What I didn't love though, was that the colour always turned out puke green after two weeks. Of course back then I shampoo'ed 3 times a week and only used conditioner on my tips, so the colour (and my hair in general) didn't get the same care as I give it now.
But the biggest issue is probably that hair dye technology back then wasn't as advanced as it has become.
I see so many awesome, fun and gorgeous heads of hair in vibrant colours now!
Every single time, I feel a slight pang of envy. I miss it.

Don't get me wrong: I love my hair like it is. Otherwise I would have changed it long ago.
But I'm still allowed to be envious of  the more adventurous people out there having so much fun with the new hair dye technologies and techniques.

Rainbow hair

(Can't link to individual pictures in that one)