Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

13th: A tough skin... stone? Kind of thing. Hubby eyed it with interest. I expect him to ask me how you work one of these the next time we take a bubble bath together.

14th: Nail polish. This is just not a flattering colour! In direct (Weak, winter) sunlight it had some strange neon, almost orange colour. In artificial indoor light it had a dark red, bordeaux, "lady is a vamp" kind of tone. I can't imagine this colour being flattering on anyone.

15th: Vitamin E night cream. So now I have a set?

Serious question here, you guys: Is this Christmas calendar getting into "Bitch eating cracker"-territory for me or is my lack of excitement justified?


  1. The only time I liked advent calendars is when I was little and my grandparents sent us one with little chocolates in them. I'm like you---I've got very specific beauty needs for my skin as well as personal preference so I don't get grab bags or anything I can't see of what's inside or else I will always be disappointed. I hope you get some good stuff! :D

  2. No, I wouldn't be impressed by that calendar either. That nail colour is definitely not something I'd buy. I wonder if it's the same colour in all the calendars.
    This reminds me of when I bought a tea advent calendar last year, and ended up giving it to a friend after the first week. I love tea but I'm extremely picky about which ones I can drink, because most teas just taste 'off' to me. I still don't understand why I thought a tea calendar was a good idea. :P