Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hair envy

The throwback Thursday-post made me think: The picture of me age 14 (ish?) must have been from right before I started experimenting with dyeing my hair.

I had a period from around 14-17 where I dyed my hair a lot. Mostly I bleached it a lot, I also had the whole mane green, I had so many different streaks, mostly green and blue.

Wait. Age 14-17, that was 17-20 years ago...


I honestly loved having my hair coloured like that. It was so much fun!
What I didn't love though, was that the colour always turned out puke green after two weeks. Of course back then I shampoo'ed 3 times a week and only used conditioner on my tips, so the colour (and my hair in general) didn't get the same care as I give it now.
But the biggest issue is probably that hair dye technology back then wasn't as advanced as it has become.
I see so many awesome, fun and gorgeous heads of hair in vibrant colours now!
Every single time, I feel a slight pang of envy. I miss it.

Don't get me wrong: I love my hair like it is. Otherwise I would have changed it long ago.
But I'm still allowed to be envious of  the more adventurous people out there having so much fun with the new hair dye technologies and techniques.

Rainbow hair

(Can't link to individual pictures in that one)



  1. I know this feel. I finally appreciate and love my natural hair color now, after a decade of dying it many colors (but mostly red). Buuut.... the amount of options for hair dye nowadays is amazing, and I get sucked into Youtube for hours watching videos of people doing mermaid hair and whatnot. I'm in love with this one Youtubers mermaid hair tutorial, here...:

  2. I'd love to see photos of that! I always loved it when my students experimented with their hair color---many in the late 90s (teens) had the fushia pink --some just did streaks, the others went for it all. I had one boy who did orange and black, then orange and red tips---very creative! I have to say, I never was interested in color until my hair got sunbleached one too many times. I then loved getting it demi permanent colored every few years. I had a few bad colors, but I never strayed from my natural color.