Saturday, 19 December 2015


I just chipped my last intact comb and realized I have found a bizarre new milestone.
My hair is now so long that when I put a comb down while doing my hair, I always have this annoying, sneaky little strand stuck in it. No matter how much I try to make sure it's not there, I always end up pulling it when I continue handling my hair and then *bang* goes the comb on the floor.

Weirdest milestone yet.
And now I need new combs.

Huh. I went looking for my lesser good replacement combs and found two broken ones in a drawer. Why have I kept these??

Look how identical the damage is to all the combs!
It's pretty obvious that they get tipped over the edge of a table and then drop on one side.

This is my second "destructive" milestone. I had one around the time where ponytails was the only updo I could do at all. I broke crazy many elastics! When my hair became long enough to do a self-stabilising bun it really took the strain off the poor elastics.

So I'm in the market for new combs and of course I would like some nice, hair friendly and high end ones again. But if I'm going to murder all my combs like this, it would be a huge waste of money to get some expensive ones. They don't get more resistant to being dropped on the floor just for getting pricier!


  1. Well I must say thanks for the illustration which explains this dilemma.

    So let me offer my options:

    1) repair by gluing and sanding the bonded surface smooth with fine grit sandpaper. Not sure what material this is but I'm sure an internet search would turn up the correct glue.

    2) use as is, does that one broken tooth make much difference?

    3) develop ritual habit with new comb to pass hand stroke down its length to ensure it's not encumbered.

    As always, rock on!

  2. Or put them on the floor from the start :p

  3. I LOVE THE DIAGRAM!! OMG!! that's awesome. I don't have hair anywhere near as thick or long as yours, but I have been known to kills hair items. I used to use a pick like comb (goody brand I think) until I kept snapping them (yes, dropping on the floor). A good friend of mine who visited from Finland brought me an excellent wide tooth comb (she had hair longer than mine, but shorter than yours--she was at thigh length). I loved it until I dropped it and it busted. I then found a rubber/plastic like wide tooth comb by Goody and it's AWESOME! I could attempt to link a photo for you---the teeth are wider than the combs here and I find it is the best comb---I've had it now for 15 yrs, and several tumbles, drops, hits, whacks and there isn't even a scratch in it....ok, well maybe a scratch. ;)