Saturday, 4 April 2020

The Buffs are here :)

I have considered getting a Buff before, since they keep circulating in the longhair circuit. But then, Buchfreundin recommended me one and I decided to go for it!

They have lots of products, but the famous one is the long, multifunctional tube. This is also the one I kept seeing in the longhair circuit for protecting hair against sun and wind.

For sizing, they have an XL option. I know back from my horseback riding days that my helmet size is exactly 58 cm. But since I would probably wear the Buff at an angle, or it would need to stretch over a bun in one way or the other, I have gone with XL for all the choices.

There are options for warmth, but since I live up in the frozen north, I'll stick to regular hats with additional under-layers for that.
Instead, I was interested in sunprotection and cooling.

I have ordered five off the Swedish website:
Crook military
Because I liked the camouflage pattern and colour
Embers black
Because you can't go wrong with a mostly solid black one
Cashmere black
Because I liked the pattern
R spiral yellow fluor
Because it was reflective and it seemed fun and flashy
Shading blue
Because this seemed like a good colour choice for my skintone

For a second I entertained the thought of ordering one of their chef's hats to see how that would work with my buns, but I decided against it.

So, a little fun with styling options for them:

Tied one in a simple little pouch with a bow around my bun. Looked a little weird, but fun.

"The pirate" that Buff suggests for styling just doesn't work when you have a big bun on the back of your head. But it was good for a laugh.

A little hard to tell from the pictures, but: Black and white Buff is covering the head and bun, blue Buff is put on sideways across my head and tied in a knot underneath the bun.
This was very stable and comfortable actually!

Building on the previous idea I tucked the yellow/green Buff up above the bun and then wrapped the black Buff around at the base of the bun. This was also very comfortable!

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Look what my dad made for me! Part II

Dad sent me an updated picture of his hairstick project!
These will be the most unique hairsticks in my collection: Hand carved deer antlers made from a deer he shot himself!
Look how cool the second one looks! And that awesome skull-friendly curve on the first! I really love it. 
He isn't going to take more off until I come and test them so we can see how much more he needs to take off the thickness.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

How are you all doing with the covid-issues?

I hope everyone are well, and not going crazy from being locked up at home?

I'm sort of, kind of, okay.

My classes are now all online, but I continue having to go into work. So that's really weird.

And yes, I'm one of the weirdos in the masks on the trains. People can be nasty and gross even under normal circumstances, so I'm not taking any chances. Although I don't worry about me, I have people around me who have compromised immune systems.

The Danish lockdown isn't a problem because of my citizenship and being essential personnel.The ID check in Kastrup is really smooth and problem free, but for some bizarre lack of reason and logic, Skånetrafiken decided to stop all trains in Malmö, so now I have to change trains there. It's massively annoying because there seems to be no logic and no reasoning behind it. Leave it to Skånetrafiken to make a mildly annoying situation worse!

My surgery was cancelled. It was supposed to have been this Monday, as in tomorrow.
We kind of saw it coming, but I kept hoping that Sweden would continue its singular, stubborn refusal to take the same measures as pretty much the rest of the world.
When they called about the cancellation, I spent the rest of that day on the couch being insufferably pouty and feeling sorry for myself.

It would have been perfect: I could have squeezed in an obligatory 5 ECTS point class (Which is half the work load of the regular classes) in the work free sick leave period. I would then only need the final project, and I could have finished half a year early. But no such luck.


So I should just "Hold onto the descutan" until I get another date.
I'm supposed to wash my hair once and my body three times with these, 12 hours apart. I don't even need to analyse the ingredient list to know that my scalp and skin will be absolutely miserable and crackly dry after this. Sigh. You know you're a skincare nut when this is something you worry about and it doesn't pale in comparison to the surgery itself!

Mr Igor only managed the first few lines of the description of the surgery before declaring he didn't want to know. Welcome to the club, Mr Igor! 

I had done really well up to then too: Been on a workout and diet routine to build strength and lose weight. Having to carry all your weight on one leg and a set of crutches is seriously hard, so more strength and less weight would make everything easier.
Especially for the recovery process where I'll get back to putting some weight on a foot that haven't carried any for 6 weeks.

I've gone up 10 kg in pretty much all my lifts. I lost 5½ kg and 3½ % body fat in two months.

But with the surgery cancelled, all I could think was "Screw this! I will eat everything!"

It took a lot of willpower to not just ruing everything I have done the last two months. After having done so well for so long with workouts and calorie counting!

Awesome, filling, protein rich breakfast.
(This is so filling it keeps me from snacking before lunch)
80 g avocado: 128 kcal and 2 grams of protein
50 g chicken bacon: 55 kcal and 6 gram of protein
20 g chorizo: 85 kcal and 5 gram of protein
50 g egg: 75 kcal and 6 gram of protein
45 g meatballs: 117 kcal and 6 gram of protein
20 g tomatoes: 5 kcal
110 g turkey bacon: 143 kcal and 19 gram of protein
Small amount of oil for frying
Total: 608 kcal and 44 grams of protein

Awesome work lunch: Mozzarella and tomato salad, blueberries and strawberries.
200 g tomatoes: 50 kcal and 1 gram of protein
125 g mozzarella: 260 kcal and 23 grams of protein
Small amounts of red onion, spring onions and basil
50 g blueberries: 30 kcal and 1 gram of protein
50 g strawberries: 15 kcal and 1 gram of protein
Total: 355 kcal and 26 grams of protein

Pink is body weight, grey is body fat.
I'm 173 cm or 5´8" tall.

February 4th: 65,7 kg and 23,2 % BF (That is 143 lbs for those who use pounds)
March 28th: 60,1 kg and 19,7 % BF (That is 132 lbs for those who use pounds)

I've never weighed myself this often before, so I actually found myself being very fascinated by this. Of course I always assumed I would have some period bloat, but seeing it in the graph is pretty interesting. And seeing the graph going crazy around the last weeks before I turned my semester project in was... Thought provoking. LOL. Snacking in frustration versus forgetting to eat regularly because I was on a roll, really made my weight jump all over the place!

My pity party over the cancelled surgery isn't entirely over yet, but I'm trying to work through it.

Well. At least I haven't cut my hair in boredom!

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Look what my dad made for me!

This is so cool!
Last time I visited my parents, my dad noticed my Woodartjewelry bone hair stick. And later he started carving a pair of hair sticks for me out of a set of antlers.

I'm going to try them on next time I visit, and see what more he needs to take off them. I think I would like them to be a little thinner, but I'm not sure how much strain the bone can take. Dad an I discussed making them more "oval", but I will have to try them on. I also suggested making the other one "opposite" and having leave the two or three spikes on the antlers as the decoration part.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Herbal hair treatment day

My hair is still not entirely happy after the Fuerteventura vacation. The sun, chlorine, saltwater and strange tapwater was pretty weird on it. Or maybe it's just me being overly suspicious... My hair has proven to be really resilient, so maybe I'm just paranoid.

At any rate, I did a herbal hair treatment with a pack of Eilistraee and a few conditioner samples and some leftovers. The Eilistraee mud had a funny texture: Both soft and grainy, strangely elastic and still falling apart.
And as always, I'm amused by bow it looks with the green mud on my head!

According to Nightblooming, the aloe vera is pressed without skin so I felt confident putting it on my hair (I'm massively allergic to aloe vera skin). The mud had a funny tingling, cooling feel even though I put it under a heat cap, but maybe that's from the stinging nettle?

As always after a herbal hair treatment, my hair felt strangely dry, so I did a quick, regular conditioning afterwards. That also helps getting the little leftover herbal grains completely out of my hair. There is always a bit hiding here and there no matter how long or how I rinse.

My hair felt amazing afterwards: Strong, shiny and soft.
The moisture just slid out of it and it dried too quick for my comfort. So I put it up in a bun to slow down the moisture loss a little.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Rope braid

Yesterday I felt confident that I had a grip on creating the rope braid on myself, and I went for it. This time without putting it in an elastic first.
...Can you tell that I'm pleased with the result??

After some fumbling, I found that the thing that worked the best was... not looking at what I was doing? Strange but true. Just going by the feel was way more efficient than trying to follow my progress in the mirror.

Maybe it's because I have to go two different ways for the two braids?
When starting the braid, I had to make sure I would sweep the hair away from my face to get that "Dutch braid effect" where the braid "traps" the hair underneath itself, instead of the hair going up and over the braid.

Next time I think I will try to start it up higher!

I then put it up in a Chinese bun pattern, but that looked really odd.

So Instead I tried to wrap it in a infinity pattern, where I pull the braid in and through its own pattern.

And that looked really awesome!

The contrast between the thick rope braids and the thin rope braids look really pretty in my opinion.

Also I think the rope braid really beefed my already thick hair up compared to regular braids, so the ropes looked massive.

Can you tell that I was pleased?

I really like the rope pattern that this braid results in.

Here you can see how I went in different directions for the two braids to get it symmetric around my face.

By evening, I took the bun down and was pretty much just lounging around before bedtime. But mr Igor talked me into going to the gym, so I put it up again.

Learning from my mistake earlier, I put the hairstick in much lower and this time the Chinese bun pattern worked well for it. Not as impressive as the infinity bun pattern, but still good.

Nightblooming has a Iyarri Chronicles art and hairstyle contest, maybe I should try to redo this one staring up higher (Another "layer") and enter it for that?

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Rope braid

 The fairly successful rope braid I did in the "29 updos in February"-challenge made me want to try it again.

So I "borrowed" a coworkers hair again to get my muscle memory going.

Super awkward cropping because it was in the middle of the lunch break and we were surrounded by people I don't want to ask if they want to be featured on my blog, which they don't even know exist.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Hair and Fuerteventura

Mr Igor and I really enjoyed Fuerteventura. It was very windy and very much a desert island, just like we had been "warned", but it was very enjoyable.

Impressive nature, so much history, really great food and a constant pleasant warmth in the air. Not too much, not too little.

I honestly didn't think it was possible that one island could have so many different types of beaches!
Golden sand, black sand, red sand, grey sand, beige sand... And let's not forget about the popcorn beaches! We found two smaller deposits along the beach in Corralejo and of course the bigger, famous one a 5 km hike away.

I did my best at protecting my hair from the near-constant sun and wind with SPF, protective styles and headwraps in different styles.

Of course the access to really nice pools and a really nice spa didn't make it better. 

I could feel how dry my skin got from the chlorine...

But still... Worth it!

But the real problem was with the water in the pipes. The water in Fuerteventura is seawater, with the salt removed and treated somehow. I've been trying to find any actual data on how it's been treated and what is left in the water, but with no luck. All I can say is that it smelled... Strange.
Something slightly like chlorine, except not. Almost sort of like ozone. I think it was mostly the smell that bothered me about it, my skin and hair seemed surprisingly okay. A little dry, but that was to be expected. No major hissyfits from either the diva Hair or the chaotic mental patient I call my skin.

One thing is subjecting my skin and hair to wind, sand in the wind, sunlight and poolwater, but not being able to get rid of it by washing in good, clean water? Not good. I seriously considering using some of our bottled drinking water for it, but that felt like too much trouble. I figured I should just enjoy the vacation and deal with it once I got back home to our super clean, very natural water instead. My hair should bounce right back after a treatment or two.

We met JP and Sue of JP in Fuerteventura
(First shoutout at the timestamp. We're not featured in the video though)
Wonderful, sweet people!


I also met my nemesis!
Complete with creepy, unblinking eyes in his poop-emoji-shaped face, boxing glove-hands and kneeless legs with webbed feet.