Thursday, 7 March 2019

Braided Chinese bun variation

Usually when I put the stick for a braided Chinese bun through, I put it around base of skull-height. 

But what if I placed it higher?
In the theory, that should "force" the bun to go more round, go higher to get around the base of the braids and the stick.

The effect wasn't that dramatic, but I think I see a difference.

It also exposed the hairstick more because the braids weren't wrapped as tightly around it.

It did flatten and "heighten" the bun some. I could especially tell from the front.
Not the last time I do this!

Monday, 4 March 2019

Weird little regrets

I brought a Garnier masque home from Tenerife and was planning on using it some day when I needed a reminder of sun, dramatic landscapes and vacation (And that they confiscated my Ron Quattro. Booh!) and since the weather still sucks, I used it today.

Now I regret it. It was a nice little reminder of a good vacation. Pout.