Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

10th: 15 ml Vitamin E day cream. Hm. I'll probably use this on my dry shins instead.

11th: 60 ml Rainforest brilliant shine conditioner. This will only be enough for my ends-only treatments, but I'll probably mix it in with something else for a CO wash. Has a good, discrete scent.

12th: 60 ml Peppermint cooling foot lotion. Uh, isn't this sort of for the wrong time of the year? Hubby eyed it and commented he would have loved it this summer. It goes into storage until then.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday throwback

Two old photos of me, framed at my grandmas house.
I think I'm around 14 on the left and maybe 11 on the right?

I have two thoughts on this, and in order they are:
1) Arrrrrrrrrgh OMG OMG OMFG aaaaaargh
Those bangs. Those awful, horrible, craptastic bangs!
They were so massive, and so unflattering on me! They make my cheeks look even worse than they already are. And since my hair has a tendency to get crazy amounts of volume when provoked even the slightest by wind, I looked like the 80s threw up on my forehead most of the time.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did no responsible adult ever take me aside and explain to me how unflattering they looked on me?

2) Did my hair change colour or is the left picture from a winter and the right from a summer?
The sun has a tendency to lighten that dark blonde/light brown colour hair (Called "leverpostej" in Denmark)
It could be a bit of both. I'm fairly sure I had no sign of my beloved redness before in my late 20s, so maybe my hair changes colour from time to time?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

7th: Japanese cherry blossom shower gel.
I expected this one to smell as divine and fresh as the first showergel, but it didn't. It sort of smelled perfume-y or powdery or something. Meh.

8th: Exfoliating gloves.
On one hand I'm pretty pleased with these. Even though I throw my old set in the laundry once in a while, I can't remember how old they are. They could use a replacement.
On the other hand I'm disappointed. The lid for the 8th was huge and I expected a bath salt or something like that.

9th: Organic cotton pads.
Very nice! I prefer mine a size bigger and "fancier", but I can definitely get behind them being organic. Cotton-production is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the environment, both with usage of water and chemicals, so this is awesome. Maybe I should check and see if Bodyshop have them in a bigger size and get those next time I need new ones?

This is the first time I've received 3 things I can and will use. I'm not super excited about any of them, but none of the things go to Hubby or my discard-pile.

Hubby commented: "So, do you pay extra for the surprise or something...? I don't think you're getting the moneys worth of stuff."

My reaction:

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas hair

It's one of those (Awesome!) days where I don't have to leave the house to work.
Usually it means me not getting out of my pajamas all day. I really felt like doing something vaguely christmassy with my hair though, so I went for a low key ribbon braided into it.
I folded a 3 meter long ribbon to loop it over a strand, but even then it was too short and I couldn't braid it on right from the beginning.
I kind of liked it.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

Still tagging this with "bathroom", even though it did contain some hair stuff this time.

4th: A tiny little brush. Like, really tiny. It confused me: Is this supposed to be a pocket brush, maybe? If you wanted a pocket brush, wouldn't you get one of those that folds up so the teeth doesn't snag on everything in your bag?
Well, points for thinking outside lip glosses and hand creams I guess.

5th: A shampoo. I use shampoo maybe once a year, so this goes to Hubby. It has a bunch of things written on it: No silicones, no sulfates, no colour, no parabens. Eco-conscious product. Community trade olive oil. Well, points for that. I'm all for this kind of slacktivism. This is right up Hubby's alley too: He's the one who has to inform me what kind of stuff we buy when it comes to laundry detergents and fish and such.

6th: A block nail buffer. Nice! I use nail buffers pretty obsessively because it's one of the easiest ways to keep my dermotillomania down. If my nails are short and smooth, it's a lot harder to get a good picking going. It's pretty good too. I'm particularly impressed with the smoothing-side.

So that's one item for the discard pile, one product for Hubby and one item for me.