Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday throwback

Two old photos of me, framed at my grandmas house.
I think I'm around 14 on the left and maybe 11 on the right?

I have two thoughts on this, and in order they are:
1) Arrrrrrrrrgh OMG OMG OMFG aaaaaargh
Those bangs. Those awful, horrible, craptastic bangs!
They were so massive, and so unflattering on me! They make my cheeks look even worse than they already are. And since my hair has a tendency to get crazy amounts of volume when provoked even the slightest by wind, I looked like the 80s threw up on my forehead most of the time.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did no responsible adult ever take me aside and explain to me how unflattering they looked on me?

2) Did my hair change colour or is the left picture from a winter and the right from a summer?
The sun has a tendency to lighten that dark blonde/light brown colour hair (Called "leverpostej" in Denmark)
It could be a bit of both. I'm fairly sure I had no sign of my beloved redness before in my late 20s, so maybe my hair changes colour from time to time?


  1. Awe! I think you look lovely--I mean, we all have photos we look back on and go 'what the hell was I thinking?". I swear, in today's day and age, fashion and style is wayyyyy more prevalent than 20 yrs ago (or more). I had the same heavy bang and I think I'm ten yrs older than you(or more). I love the difference in color---my hair went far redder (I was a strawberry blond as a child) in the summer, then dark/dark in the winter. I will tag you in my horrible hair photos on facebook ;) These are beautiful!!

  2. Ida, I can assure you that I have had very similar bangs as a child, at I think I'm a bit younger than you, so there really wasn't any chance of getting advice from an adult, they all had them for a very long time! Even funnier that I chose to cut Asian-style see-through bangs half a year ago and love it!

    I too think hair color changes. I had golden-brown hair as a child, but was born with a head full of inch-long black hair. When puberty hit, my hair got a noticable reddish tint, so it's more auburn these days. I hope it lasts, I love my color.


  3. Sailor moon!! Seriously, in that right picture you really remind me of her. Similar face shape maybe?

  4. The Lady is far too self-critical. You were a beautiful girl and remain so as a young woman.