Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

7th: Japanese cherry blossom shower gel.
I expected this one to smell as divine and fresh as the first showergel, but it didn't. It sort of smelled perfume-y or powdery or something. Meh.

8th: Exfoliating gloves.
On one hand I'm pretty pleased with these. Even though I throw my old set in the laundry once in a while, I can't remember how old they are. They could use a replacement.
On the other hand I'm disappointed. The lid for the 8th was huge and I expected a bath salt or something like that.

9th: Organic cotton pads.
Very nice! I prefer mine a size bigger and "fancier", but I can definitely get behind them being organic. Cotton-production is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the environment, both with usage of water and chemicals, so this is awesome. Maybe I should check and see if Bodyshop have them in a bigger size and get those next time I need new ones?

This is the first time I've received 3 things I can and will use. I'm not super excited about any of them, but none of the things go to Hubby or my discard-pile.

Hubby commented: "So, do you pay extra for the surprise or something...? I don't think you're getting the moneys worth of stuff."

My reaction:

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