Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ah, the joy of having sensitive skin…Not.

For some of my readers, this won’t come as news, but to some it might come as a surprise: I don’t actually find hair very interesting.
It’s true, I really don’t.

For instance, “free and loose” shots, I see as something to check overall health of hair, not something that is pretty and admirable. Updos however, this is one of the top reasons I like long hair and maybe the top reason I’ve grown my hair as long as it is.
Updos are cool, creative and fun. Loose hair is like an untreated piece of wood and updos are the multiple things you can create out of it.

I’ve never really understood the appeal of a “hair cut”. Even the most fancy and expensive cut will eventually grow boring if all you can do to it is to drown it in various products.
For instance, I always thought Jennifer Aniston’s famous “do” was painfully boring. She so rarely do anything to it at all and most of the time it just hangs there as a big boring blanket covering her face. Seriously, that sent millions of women running for their stylists? Yawn.

Another thing about hair is that it’s fairly simple. There is only so much you “need” to learn to successfully grown your hair long and/or healthy. Sure, there is much more theory to learn if you want to, but it’s not necessary to function. And even then, if you decide to look into oil and henna-theory, its still not string theory. (Or insert whatever field you find difficult to understand. Personally I’ve never felt I “get” poems. If they’re not funny or dirty, my mind just switches off in boredom. But maybe it’s just me)

Yet, after all I decided to blog about hair anyways.

From the first time I encountered long hair forums, I felt I was capable of processing knowledge and presenting it to people.
And providing inspiration both for actually doing something to hair and spark the thought of “Hey, if she can grow that long from being bald, so can I!”

I like when I make people think that. It makes me very happy.

It’s actually my second-most favourite compliment. (“Kind of compliment” I guess, since I heard that quite a lot over the years)

My favourite compliments ever, are when people tell me my thoughts on skincare have been useful.

I’ve always had sensitive, easily irritated skin. I grew up with it and probably will always have it. I’ve experienced the ridiculous attitudes people have towards people with “bad” skin: You’re probably just completely unhygienic anyways. You’re probably just too stupid to wash, tone and moisturise. It’s just that you use some really stupid product. Why don’t you use Acme product instead, haven’t you seen that sweet new commercial promising supermodel skin in a week?


If you think you encounter a lot of bullshit from stupid people with bad hair when you have long hair, try having “bad” skin. It’s ridiculous how much bullshit advice you will get from people who have naturally “good”, trouble free skin.

Because, it’s not that their skin could be naturally easygoing, of course it’s their overpriced, over perfumed, over hyped products that does wonders and of course they can project their results onto someone with a skintype that is polar opposite of theirs, right? And of course it is that they are so fantastically smart and know everything about skin (From commercials and packaging on their fantastic product) that they should lecture you on correct skincare, right?


I know how annoying it is. So the compliments I’ve received on my (Few, but still…) posts on skincare are extremely dear to me.

I’m sure some of you reading this are wondering why I wandered into rant-land. Well, this is why:

Yesterday when I shaved, I nicked my left armpit. (Hm, been shaving for almost 20 years or so and I still manage to injure myself?) Naturally, I covered it with a band-aid (“For sensitive skin!” and “No irritation!” it bragged.)

I had noticed that it was really sore, but didn’t think too much of it. I mean, a skinless area in your armpit has to hurt, right? But today when I wanted to change it, I found that it wasn’t the cut that hurt, but my skin having a reaction to the band-aid itself. A perfect imprint of the band-aid printed in red, itchy hurt.

Sigh. Having sensitive skin sucks.


Thursday, 1 November 2012


The next time someone gives you that whole “You need a haircut!”-bullshit, maybe it’s time to point out that they would fit perfectly into North Korea?

 Hairstyle in accordance with socialist lifestyle of DPRK

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