Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Subscription boxes ordered

So, being super busy means I often forget about self care.
Being busy just seems to force self care way down my list of priorities. Sigh.

My priorities list right now goes:

  1. Work #1
  2. Sleep
  3. Finding time to spend with hubby
  4. Self care
  5. Work #2 (Project based, so can be squeezed in whenever)
  6. Social life and other things in that area 

So I figured it might be a really good idea to find some sort of subscription service for beauty stuff.

My requirements:
  • A focus on full sized products: If I get a sample and use it maybe 1-3 times, it doesn't tell me if I actually, truly tolerate the product. As you know, my list of sensitivity-issues is ridiculous, and I need to try a product for a while to see if it works or not. I can't read that from the description, ingredient list or reviews, no matter how thorough. I will probably not buy the full sized product based on how I like the sample. However, if it turns out I empty a full sized product and still tolerate and like it, chances are very high I will order it again. Samples are nice of course, but I don't want them to be the focus for the subscription box.
  • Being able to pay the main bulk of the subscription in one go instead of a recurring monthly subscription, no matter how easy you can cancel it. I'd like to see it more as a one-time expense than a continuous subscription. Having to pay for the shipping on a monthly basis is acceptable though, that's not the main expense.
  • Low level of customization. Weird, I know! But I don't want to have to pick my stuff every time: It spoils the surprise aspect. I will place my own orders at my own time for the specific products I want. A subscription box like this should be so I "have to" try new stuff and explore other products than I would normally order. See # 1: I have to try a product to tell if it works for me or not and often the description puts me off from trying it.
  • And of course there is the issue that not all subscription boxes ships internationally.
I thought those four requirements were simple enough, but it left me with only one option!

Weird, I was fairly sure Mishibox would be like that (Which is why I bookmarked them, I guess?) but no. You have to pay every month there.

So I have signed up for Beauteque which has both a mask and a mixed beauty bag month subscription.
The BB bag promises 6-8 full sized products in each bag.
The Mask Maven bag has 9 nine masks in each bag.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Holy crap has it been this long?

Funny how "Meh, tomorrow..." turns into "And four months later..."

Long story short: Been busy. Also kind of ended up having a lot of energy/enthusiasm for blogging.

Now I think I'd like to get back to blogging, just maybe at a lower frequency?
I do think I set my desired update-rate too high for my current workload. Hmm.

Anyways, I'm fine: Just busy. And my hair is fine too, been maintaining at fingertip length, so it's happy and healthy.

Funny thing about hair: It really does grow when you're busy making other plans. And it really loves low maintenance, benign neglect routines.