Thursday, 18 July 2013

Igor's glorious day off

Today I came the closest to having a day off I've been in weeks: Didn't have to go to work #1 and I only needed to compose 4-5 emails for work #2.
So what did I do with all that time on my hands?
Did I go explore the city of Ringsted that I've been in since April and still haven't had the time and energy to check out?
Did I curl up with a good book to relax?
Did I just play computer games and waste my day on nothing?
Maybe I did something useful?
Did I do something for work #1 that wasn't entirely necessary but could be useful?
Did I look ahead for work #2 to take on the next project?
Maybe get started on sorting my pictures for my upload?
Again, no.
So what did I do?
I cleaned.
When I first came to see the place where I'm renting a room for work, I did notice it wasn't very clean anywhere. But I figured it might even be a good thing because I wouldn't feel obligated to keep it clean.
As long as the bathroom and kitchen was clean enough to use, I only had to think about my own room. Good thing when you know you will be busy.
So with Hubby safely in the neighbour country, I could indulge in some serious foul bachelorette frog-behavior.
But it turns out I have been getting more and more irked by how dirty the common areas are. I like being able to walk around in bare feet at home...
Oh well. I tracked the two hour vacuuming-spree on Fitocracy. Haha.
Things are still pretty stressful, but at least I get more exercise than usual, eat fairly healthy and get enough sleep.
All things good for hair.

But I still should try to relax next time I have a day off.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My new Flexies are here!

I'm pleased to announce that my Flexies have arrived.
And I'm very pleased to announce that my choice of styles has good quality beads all of them!

I'm mildly displeased I still don't have a working upload so I can show them off, but the upload is literally item # 137 or so on my to do-list.
But I'm extremely displeased with the fact that I had to pay import! 
Seriously, Flexi? All the other places I've ordered from over the years have avoided causing me this extra expense, why can't you too? 
1067 Danish kroner for the Flexies and 390 kroner for the stupid import.
I could have bought almost 3 megaflexies for that. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Pricey and pointless purchase averted

Hmmm. It seems like the only thing I really “do” with my hair at the moment is buying things for it?
Other than taking it down to wash it and feeding it some oil once in a while, it’s been stuck in a braided Nautilus bun.
Oh well. Benign neglect rules. And at some point I will have the time to really play around with my new goodies.

I ordered some new combs in hard rubber. Looking forward to get them!


Will be nice to finally get to replace those awfulawfulawful Hairsense combs.

Then I ordered a few SPF products for hair…



A “few”.

And finally I ordered a clip on bang-set.
I’ve wanted one for a while but I find it difficult to find the right colour or cut for one. Oh well, I’ll try this one and see how it goes.
This colour:

Unfortunately this one is made from real hair, not synthetic. Meh. Not very pleased with that. So it probably means I will wear some poor misguided Google-impaired LoL donator’s hair on my head. Ick.

To my surprise, carries Nexxus
So far that has been the only brand that has succeeded in making my hair feel really soft, so finding it ”here” was a pleasant surprise.
I may have to return at some point to purchase every single Nexxus conditioner product they have in stock!

They have this one product I’ve never heard of before: Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor.
Some name!
At first glance it sounded like a serious reconstructor, even calling for shampoo to get the excess out and Google provided some very favourable reviews. I just couldn’t find an ingredient list anywhere and it kept me from ordering it.

(Well that and the fact that I could keep my hair happily and routinely conditioned with mid-price supermarket products like Schwarzkopf, ElVital and Tresseme for like 6 months for that price!)

Yea, not going to buy this one. Might get a few other products from Nexxus some time in the future, but not this one. Heh, they always had me there…