Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My new Flexies are here!

I'm pleased to announce that my Flexies have arrived.
And I'm very pleased to announce that my choice of styles has good quality beads all of them!

I'm mildly displeased I still don't have a working upload so I can show them off, but the upload is literally item # 137 or so on my to do-list.
But I'm extremely displeased with the fact that I had to pay import! 
Seriously, Flexi? All the other places I've ordered from over the years have avoided causing me this extra expense, why can't you too? 
1067 Danish kroner for the Flexies and 390 kroner for the stupid import.
I could have bought almost 3 megaflexies for that. 


  1. Import duty is such a crap... In Poland the limit is so high (150 euro I think) that I don't believe I will ever get close to it in one purchase. Relative safety, yaay.
    But then the post office went crazy! Both Polish one and USPS. It's so discouraging.

    I can't wait for the pics of your new Flexis :) And, again, I am really glad you're back with blogging :)

  2. Hah, wish it was the same way here!
    To add insult to injury, the postal service trashed a shipment of contact lenses so bad that I had to contact the supplier for 3 extra months of lenses for my left eye. "Thanks, jerks." Sigh.
    I'm not entirely back with blogging but I've gotten a little bit more used to and settled in my new routines, so I should blog a little once in a while at least. I even decided on a new upload so now I just need to start sorting the pictures. "Just". Hah.