Monday, 15 July 2013

Pricey and pointless purchase averted

Hmmm. It seems like the only thing I really “do” with my hair at the moment is buying things for it?
Other than taking it down to wash it and feeding it some oil once in a while, it’s been stuck in a braided Nautilus bun.
Oh well. Benign neglect rules. And at some point I will have the time to really play around with my new goodies.

I ordered some new combs in hard rubber. Looking forward to get them!


Will be nice to finally get to replace those awfulawfulawful Hairsense combs.

Then I ordered a few SPF products for hair…



A “few”.

And finally I ordered a clip on bang-set.
I’ve wanted one for a while but I find it difficult to find the right colour or cut for one. Oh well, I’ll try this one and see how it goes.
This colour:

Unfortunately this one is made from real hair, not synthetic. Meh. Not very pleased with that. So it probably means I will wear some poor misguided Google-impaired LoL donator’s hair on my head. Ick.

To my surprise, carries Nexxus
So far that has been the only brand that has succeeded in making my hair feel really soft, so finding it ”here” was a pleasant surprise.
I may have to return at some point to purchase every single Nexxus conditioner product they have in stock!

They have this one product I’ve never heard of before: Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor.
Some name!
At first glance it sounded like a serious reconstructor, even calling for shampoo to get the excess out and Google provided some very favourable reviews. I just couldn’t find an ingredient list anywhere and it kept me from ordering it.

(Well that and the fact that I could keep my hair happily and routinely conditioned with mid-price supermarket products like Schwarzkopf, ElVital and Tresseme for like 6 months for that price!)

Yea, not going to buy this one. Might get a few other products from Nexxus some time in the future, but not this one. Heh, they always had me there… 


  1. Ok. Hairsense combs have been officially crossed out of my shopping list. Thank you for posting the warnings.

    Do your hair SPF products have alcohol denat.? I've been trying to find something that does not cost 100 PLN (about 30$) but it means mists and sprays that all have the drying alcohol on the very first place on the INCI list...

  2. Hi Henrietta :)
    Good! Seriously, all their writing about "end cruelty to hair" and my first thought when I received them was that I was disappointed. Quite odd really that they so deliberately market themselves to people who care about hair and yet they only seemed to sand their combs on the outside? Between the teeth was really rough and quite sharp. And then they broke so much... Yea, I have nothing good to say about them =/
    I don't know about the ingredients yet... Couldn't find an ingredient list online so I will just have to wait and see... :(

    1. From the descriptions it seemed that these are the ideal combs for people who care for their hair. No sems at all. A perfect product. Well... Thank heavens for the Internet and reviews.

  3. I have the sun protector spray-on conditioner from Schwarkpov--you will love it--it's VERY cone-y. I found I couldn't use it too much because it mega weighed my hair down. Thing is, SPF for none-colored hair doesn't work--according to hair dressers. They say it's only to protect for colored hair to prevent fading. Now, having said that, how can it hurt, right? I've used a Joico spray on conditioner with UVB and UVA protection and found, for my hair, works better. So far, in this ungodly summer, my ends have yet to fade due to a new hair dresser's color. In fact, my original hair dresser's color has faded more at the roots than the other's at the ends, but oh well! Give it time--our weather is disgusting right now. ;)

  4. This whole hair SPF craziness in theory, and the fact that all products I have seen so far are alcohol-based made me cover my hair. Ok, 70% of inspiration comes from the fact that when it was all silent here I went through Igor's older blog entries and I fund the awesome post on covering the hair and head. + the pictures! I am already looking for similar beanie hats ;)

  5. Just as a side note--scarves/hats won't protect your hair unless it's SPF, and even then, not so much. I speak from the fact that I work outdoors and am exposed to the sun to up to 16 hrs. Sadly, it took a major toll on my hair. I've found that now I color it, I am able to protect the color better than when I did not color. My hair took a major hit and became brassy/red due to sun damage. I'm finding that working with hair wet seems to be protecting it much better than any SPF protection. But, again, that's just for me/my hair type. I have a great new conditioner I swear by and it's quite possible it has sun protection in it, but I use it more for what it offers my hair/scalp's need :)

    1. That's interesting. I thought fabric blocks sun. After all... you do not get tanned in the areas on which you have your shorts or T-shirt, right?
      Or maybe I mix ideas. Getting tanned does not have to be directly associated with UVA and UVB, right...? But then again, when you use a UVA and UVB sunscreen you don't get tanned either. This is what makes me believe that a fabric head covering will protect my hair from sunbleach.

  6. Fabric will protect you from the sun, but if you are out in it for extended periods of time, it will not. Unless it is coated for UBV/UVA rays, you will still have some sort of fading--more for hair than skin as skin is a live, whereas hair is not. I was shocked that my hair on the top of my head faded in color too as I always wear a baseball hat or some sort of hat outdoors.

    1. Thank you for the clarification, then :) Do you think spraying a fabric or a hat with some anti- UVA/UVB product will do, then? :)