Thursday, 18 July 2013

Igor's glorious day off

Today I came the closest to having a day off I've been in weeks: Didn't have to go to work #1 and I only needed to compose 4-5 emails for work #2.
So what did I do with all that time on my hands?
Did I go explore the city of Ringsted that I've been in since April and still haven't had the time and energy to check out?
Did I curl up with a good book to relax?
Did I just play computer games and waste my day on nothing?
Maybe I did something useful?
Did I do something for work #1 that wasn't entirely necessary but could be useful?
Did I look ahead for work #2 to take on the next project?
Maybe get started on sorting my pictures for my upload?
Again, no.
So what did I do?
I cleaned.
When I first came to see the place where I'm renting a room for work, I did notice it wasn't very clean anywhere. But I figured it might even be a good thing because I wouldn't feel obligated to keep it clean.
As long as the bathroom and kitchen was clean enough to use, I only had to think about my own room. Good thing when you know you will be busy.
So with Hubby safely in the neighbour country, I could indulge in some serious foul bachelorette frog-behavior.
But it turns out I have been getting more and more irked by how dirty the common areas are. I like being able to walk around in bare feet at home...
Oh well. I tracked the two hour vacuuming-spree on Fitocracy. Haha.
Things are still pretty stressful, but at least I get more exercise than usual, eat fairly healthy and get enough sleep.
All things good for hair.

But I still should try to relax next time I have a day off.


  1. Yipppeee!! Another barefooter!! I'm the same way!

  2. Cleaning is good.

    - flash