Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday the 20th of August

CO washed with a leftover handful of Frank Provost expert colour. Did an ACV dip in the end. Put the mane up in a braided Nautilus bun with a Flexi 8.

Ms. Noob reminded me that it’s been a while since last I did a cassia treatment so since I had to run errands (*Cough* Pick up Thai food) I went by Life butiken and picked up cassia and coconut oil. I’ve been out of coconut oil for a few months and haven’t bothered restocking. Hah.

Here between my two laptops: The cassia brand I use is sold as “neutral henna” which always makes me mentally roll my eyes.
I have a question for all the clever people: When it comes to coconut oil, is there really a difference in the effect compared to manufacturing?  The oil made from fresh squeezed coconut is so much more expensive than the oil made from dried coconut.

Today’s hair

Simple English braid. Actually this braid doesn’t work so well for me because
a)      it cant contain my new growth/regrowth very well
b)      its long enough to get thoroughly caught between my ass and shoulder bag or any couch/soft chair I sit in

Random thought of the day

Messing around “behind the scenes” in my blog can be quite amusing and a little bit scary!

Under “referring sites” I had hits from,  and One word: “Wha…?”

Under “search keywords”:

"what type of hijabs do the anime people use?"
I know I’m not the most eager anime-viewer in the world, but does anyone in anime wear hijabi ever? I mean, you wouldn’t want to cover up the bright blue hair and crazy gravity-defying style, would you? Well, at least not in Japan I guess. Indonesia maybe? Do they make anime there?

"igor s if you be my girl"

"fake ponytails"
How did that even lead to my blog? I haven’t worn a ponytail in… 6 years? (I might as well leave it loose. It would get tangled in everything!)

"longhair bun tail shiny hijab"
This one makes me think the Googler forgot to hit enter between 3 different searches. I mean, I can’t even imagine what result they had hoped to get out from this search mash-up?

"smurf pictures and names"
"how to draw a smurf"
This one took me a few minutes to figure out: The Sexysmurf lead the Googler here. Wow, someone was disappointed in Google that day.

” extremely sick from overdose of biotin”
Well, duh.
I’m thinking two things here:
  1. It’s unbelievable that people think you can’t get a bad reaction from something because “It’s natural!” So are wasps and pollen and yet people have severe allergic reactions or even die from that every year.
  2. It’s unbelievable that people can be so stupid they think they are much smarter than the professionals who studied vitamins for decades and came up with the recommendations on dosage. But maybe they just think some bald, jealous doctor wants to spoil their chances of growing a healthy head of hair? It’s probably the same type of idiot who also thinks speed limits are just there to ruin their fun instead of keeping them, and people around them safe.

But hey, this is a pet peeve of mine. Guess I have spent too much time and energy trying to educate stupid people on LHC who think I just want to keep them from growing better hair than me!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Today’s hair

Pretty much your standard Chinese bun…

... But it’s held with a really cool hair stick I got from Hypnotica (Yes, the one from the awesome youtube channel here)

The bathroom light ate up the pretty details of it, but Hypnotica got a better one of it before sending it to me

And yes, this thing is big! Not only is it one of my longest sticks, it’s definitely the thickest one too. Even though it looks pretty normal on the picture, I really noticed it poking out to the sides

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I watched this completely lame “reality” TV today called Tough Love Couples, just because when I randomly zapped by it, one of the girls on it was wearing a totally awesome head covering.
I kept watching that crap just because she kept doing some really, really cool and different scarf-styles
Funny detail was that the buns underneath the fabric looked huge, like, bigger than my buns-huge! But once I saw her without her hair covered, it was just shoulder length. (Nice push-up buns effect!)

Simone from Tough Love Couples

With her hair down… Just shoulder length

More personality in a blog?

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs from all sorts of different people and with different focus on their blog. One thing I have noticed is that those who show their personality and blog about their more personal stuff are definitely my favourites. The personal angle makes everything more interesting. Maybe that’s just my own weird observation?

So… How do I add more personality to my blog? I know technically I blog about *my* hair, but it feels more general then personal when I do. A lot of times I have weird little thoughts about hair and stuff that I don’t add to the blog because it feels silly. But maybe those weird little thoughts are what makes it more personal?

Maybe adding this little “thinking out loud” post is what adds more personality to my blog? Or is it maybe just attention-whoring to ask what people think?

So... What do you all think?

Hemp oil

I asked UTT for opinions on what oil to try and the votes swung in favour of the hemp oil. I tried it a few times and have to say I like it very much!

Price: It was the most expensive of the oils that I was considering, but not that bad.

Colour: Deep yellow, darker than olive oil.

Smell: It smells like freshly peeled potatoes. Its not a bad smell as such but not entirely pleasant either.

Absorption: Seems to absorb well in my hair, even when adding quite a lot of it to my ends.

Shine: Had a nice glossy effect.

Detangling: It didn’t tangle and irritate my hair like olive oil and coconut has proved to do.

Overall effect: I think I may have found a new favourite!