Saturday, 20 August 2011

Today’s hair

Simple English braid. Actually this braid doesn’t work so well for me because
a)      it cant contain my new growth/regrowth very well
b)      its long enough to get thoroughly caught between my ass and shoulder bag or any couch/soft chair I sit in


  1. Maybe it is just the pic, but it looks really neat to me.

    I am totally with you on the second point. :)

  2. Your braid is amazing. The thickness is astonishing. I hear you on both points; in my case the first one is a good enough reason not to wear English braids in public. I like your idea of wearing a soft headband with the braid, I'm sure it could help me with the vast number of shorter hairs that manage to escape the braid.

  3. I love the look, but yep, at your length, that would get caught in a few things. Still looks lovely though.

    Is your new growth all over or just in the front?