Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday the 20th of August

CO washed with a leftover handful of Frank Provost expert colour. Did an ACV dip in the end. Put the mane up in a braided Nautilus bun with a Flexi 8.

Ms. Noob reminded me that it’s been a while since last I did a cassia treatment so since I had to run errands (*Cough* Pick up Thai food) I went by Life butiken and picked up cassia and coconut oil. I’ve been out of coconut oil for a few months and haven’t bothered restocking. Hah.

Here between my two laptops: The cassia brand I use is sold as “neutral henna” which always makes me mentally roll my eyes.
I have a question for all the clever people: When it comes to coconut oil, is there really a difference in the effect compared to manufacturing?  The oil made from fresh squeezed coconut is so much more expensive than the oil made from dried coconut.


  1. Ah it WAS the Herbique one, cool I was just about to ask you :) About coconut oil I have a confession to make... I actually use the stuff next to the butter at ICA, the unrefined stuff (cocosfett). Mostly because it was there, it was cheap and well...I had a cuuurious mind as Henry Rollins would say :) Personally I haven't experienced any difference between the cocosfett and the expensive good stuff at Life.

  2. I really liked seeing your "every day" hair supplies. Maybe thats the kind of thing that could bring more personality in your blog, like you looked for?